I visited a small village today of about 800 people called Apold. It was about 25 minutes by bus from Sighisoara. When I got off, before the dust had even settled, some kids ran up and wanted their picture taken. First I used my normal camera but then they wanted to see themselves so I had to use the digital camera. They wanted more and more photos until finally I said “bastante” which is Spanish for “enough”. I don’t know if they understood that but “ultima” they understood.

I was there about 2.5 hours and took about 70 pictures. I went to a house next to the fortified church that 2 German girls are keeping up and they invited me to coffee and then a simple lunch of cold potatoes and spinach, smoked cheese, fresh radish and chives, it was fantastic.

While walking around, some dude got in my face about taking a picture of someone’s door. He didn’t understand me but he was saying something about me having written permission to photograph or not. What a kook! I walked out of his sight and started taking photos again. An old woman named Leonata invited me to sit next to her and we enjoyed a moment in the sun even though we couldn’t talk to each other. I drank a cold beer in the shade by myself about 10 minutes after that and some time after that the bus came and I took it the village in between Sighisoara and Apold called something like Saes (Shays). I had about 40 minutes and walked around, started feeling some sun stroke but I did try and visit the church there but it was closed. Some little kids whose parents apparently live on the grounds of the church got the key but it wouldn’t open the lock so I couldn’t visit it.

I saw about 10 horses with carts today.

I’m showered and clean and thinking about dinner. You?


One Response to Apold

  1. Mike Why says:

    Nice, man. That’s the way to travel–get off and walk around the less-travelled spots. And talk to the locals. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Hope you’ll post some pics.

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