howdy ya’ll!

I made it to Sighisoara after about 2 hours on the train in the green countryside in the rain. This town is beautiful in a natural setting and wrinkles kind of way. It badly needs a paint job and cobblestones for the roads but I’m glad it doesn’t, that’s the irony of the experience. The very thing it needs it lacks and that’s why it’s beautiful.

I haven’t travelled alone in a non-English speaking country for more than a week since last May in Montenegro. I had a great time there while not doing much. The same thing is happening here, there is much to do here but that’s okay, it has been interesting seeing how another culture lives and trust me, even though this the European Union now, this is most definitely another culture. It is strange, though, because I find Eastern Europe to be vaguely depressing. I’m not sure if it’s the language barrier, the frustration of trying to do anything or what but I do know that I started thinking a couple of hours ago about coming home a day or two early, even if it costs me 100 bucks. I most likely will stay until Tuesday when my flight is scheduled to leave but I could picture myself going home Saturday or Sunday, having enjoyed a full week here and then giving myself a day or two to relax at home before working again. I’ll let ya know…


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