2 probably care…

I got some exams yesterday to grade from a school down by the Swiss border. I have graded 22 of the 29 exams so far and I was trying to figure out how many I have left when I could only find 5 exams. 2 exams are missing. I didn’t lose them (as far as I know) and possibly the students were sick the day of the exam but normally the school crosses out the matriculation numbers of the students who didn’t take the exam. There were no numbers crossed out. I looked high and low and they are not there. Please “god”, either let the exams turn up or let me find them or find out that the students didn’t take the exam.

I’m exhausted and grumpy. I went to put a picture in the bathroom this evening and it tipped over and knocked all kinds of my stuff in the toilet, like my floss, my hair trimmer, toilet paper and it also knocked a plant over and dirt went all over the bathroom floor. I got the wonderful opportunity of cleaning dirt off the bathroom floor. I need to wash the dishes. I have to get up at 7am again. Chick F’s at Spanish class and is coming over afterwards. I’m listening to Howard Stern interview Steve Gutenberg and they’re talking about Steve’s 10-inch penis. It’s funny because he just said his mom is probably listening and Steve’s talking about having his ass licked by Miss California when he was 19. I know, what’s the point of this blog post and I guess the answer to that is because I exist. Therefore I blog. Who knows, maybe one of ya out there is glad to read such a thing…


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