The Groovement Festival Revisited

Now four a half months after the fact, I finally got a copy of the music from the Groovement Festival. Modern Earl transported us deep to the south and while still being snarky, performing in all earnestness, even covering an obscure Sleepy Walker song about getting the clap and losing a ball all down in a delicate rambling mexican rose rhythm.

Alex and I played a couple of songs, only one of which was recorded but there were some good moments on there.

The reggae band, the Uplifters did their thing and it grooved. I especially liked some of the female vocals on one of the last songs they played. They basically rocked reggae and it kicks ass.

Listening to this just inspired to say with certainty, there’s going to be a Groovement Festival again this year. I’ve just started it. More soon…


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