10 more added to the lump

Well, I had my first 8am class in a LOOOOONG time and I’m feeling it now, home at 8.45pm, had to work in Loerrach and then dinner with Chick F and now a busy boy, trying to do 5 things at one time:
1)prepare mother’s day card
2)prepare my absentee voter card
3)get my lessons for tomorrow planned
4)get negatives for an exhibition or two in the near future
5)and finally…changing my return flight from the summer from September 20th to September 26th!

This change is huge! After Central America, we’ll have some days to kick around OC before seeing the Black Crowes in LA on the 17th of September and then driving up to San Francisco on the 18th and spending 4 nights there before driving back to OC and spending 4 more nights at home before going back.

Added to that is a weekend in Rome that I booked for Chick F and I for early July. We’re going to visit a friend of mine who’s a pastry chef writing her second cookbook.

When you put that into context, 2008 is gonna be another HUGE travel year…
new year – Jan 4 was in OC 3 days
Feb 15-Mar 8 California 21 days
March 20-30 Bratislava/Vienna 10 days
April 5 Belgrade 1 day
April 10-13 Amsterdam 3 days
May 9-20 Romania 11 days
July 4-7 Rome 3 days
July 25 – Sep 27 CA/C. America 63 days
Dec 12-28 California 16 days
131 days

Holy shit!!! 2005 had 126 days of holiday but I am actually going to surpass that, unbelievable! When do I work at all? Oh yeah, today, 8am until 5.30pm… I know, I’m obsessed with it but I just can’t believe how little I can work and how much I can do what I want. I like being in my early 30s in Europe! 🙂


2 Responses to 10 more added to the lump

  1. El Gringo Vasco says:

    thanks for visiting my blog.

    so, how did you get a work visa?

    I’ve heard that those ain’t so easy to come by in Old Europe.

  2. Jason says:

    I guess I got it when it was still easy. I got before they started asking me as an english teacher to invest a million euros and employ 10 people to remain a self-employed teacher. that has lasted 2 years and the sun might finally shine again soon.


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