North Korea

A Norwegian guy who hosted me in northern Norway 3 years ago was just in North Korea. Here is his description of it…
Well, its hard to explain, you have to see it yourself.

Imagine a city with 3 million people and not one single private car but huge streets like in other big cities except that they are more or less totally empty ! Evenalmost no busses were seen. All people walked.The country is totally cut from the outside world, theyhave no idea whats going on.People are not allowed to travel from one city to another unless in very special occasions so there wereno traffic to be seen of busses from the various towns.We didnt see any trucks transporting goods either.

We were all over the country and each town seems like a prison closed from the outside world. We were never allowed to talk to local people and none tried to talk to us either. They knew if they did they would end in prison.We could never enter a shop but that was not difficultbecause we didnt see any shops. Only a few specialones were tourists were allowed in to shop. Also wesaw no restaurants exept those for foreigners.They can not watch foreign TV or listen foreign radio.95% of programs was dedicated to the great leader KimIl Sung. All songs on TV and Radio was about him.Well, there are many things I can say. It was an amazing experience to be in North Korea. You should go there. The tour we did by was so good. We were 9 persons in our group.


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