I’m on you tube!

April 29, 2008


I was interviewed about the first amendment in Hollywood in early march and they actually used 2 words of my 2-minute interview with them. I’m at 00:09 mark saying “peaceful assembly”…

I love the dude, when asked what he loved about America, said, “California.”

I was most disturbed by the policeman, when asked about the 1st Amendment, said, it was “a myth”…



April 28, 2008

There’s a story where a man kept his daughter locked up for 24 years and fathered 6 children with her, all while his wife lived upstairs???? His wife and he adopted 3 of the children.

Glad it’s rainy today, keeps me from going out…

Why do I like it here so much?

April 28, 2008

Well, it’s Monday morning at 11.25am. I don’t have to work today. True, it’s not a normal thing but still, here I am in pajamas, drinking what’s left of my cold coffee from 2 hours ago and working on a small performance that I’ll be doing a slam supreme variety show tomorrow. I also am going to clean my room, do a workout, figure out what I’m teaching at 8am Tuesday and chill.

Next semester will be much different for me. I have lost one of my jobs for next semester because I don’t teach fast-paced enough. It’s a real bummer for me because I really enjoy the class but that’s how it is. So next semester as of now does NOT have enough work to pay for my monthly bills (actually it does but it would be tight!) so I’ll have to find some more work in the fall. No big deal, but it was a rude reminder that my work is tenuous.

Today’s word of the day: rough music, meaning the louds sounds sailors made on boats when they were discontented. I’m not sure if that words applies today, I feel pretty relaxed and not so discontented. I’m just changing my mentality a bit, even thinking of travelling LESS next year, I know, but seriously, to about “only” 10 weeks next year. I don’t know how I could possibly be content only having 10 weeks of holiday a year but I also thought about actually investing some of my money into one of my books and trying to get it on amazon.com so friends and family could buy it. I’ll keep ya updated on that too!

So even though work may get a bit more difficult for me, I still enjoy having the freedom to live as I wish. THAT is why I like it here so much…

South San Gabriel

April 26, 2008

I saw a concert in Swamp last night. My friend Gregg and I befriended the band before the show and bought cds and stood in the front row of the small bar which held about 50 people or so. It was a very intimate show and the music fit accordingly. There were 2 bands with interchangeable members and last night they kind of played both together. I enjoyed the first band more than the second, mostly because of the pedal steel guy and it was more mellow but it was a great time. I love the fact that there are great concerts by small, alt-country/americana, rockabilly type music in the building where I live! I’m a little slow today, however, but it is beautiful weather and I’m sure I’ll get out for a bit. You? ps the bands were called South San Gabriel (the more mellow one) and the Centro Matic…

The Groovement Festival Revisited

April 24, 2008

Now four a half months after the fact, I finally got a copy of the music from the Groovement Festival. Modern Earl transported us deep to the south and while still being snarky, performing in all earnestness, even covering an obscure Sleepy Walker song about getting the clap and losing a ball all down in a delicate rambling mexican rose rhythm.

Alex and I played a couple of songs, only one of which was recorded but there were some good moments on there.

The reggae band, the Uplifters did their thing and it grooved. I especially liked some of the female vocals on one of the last songs they played. They basically rocked reggae and it kicks ass.

Listening to this just inspired to say with certainty, there’s going to be a Groovement Festival again this year. I’ve just started it. More soon…

10 more added to the lump

April 22, 2008

Well, I had my first 8am class in a LOOOOONG time and I’m feeling it now, home at 8.45pm, had to work in Loerrach and then dinner with Chick F and now a busy boy, trying to do 5 things at one time:
1)prepare mother’s day card
2)prepare my absentee voter card
3)get my lessons for tomorrow planned
4)get negatives for an exhibition or two in the near future
5)and finally…changing my return flight from the summer from September 20th to September 26th!

This change is huge! After Central America, we’ll have some days to kick around OC before seeing the Black Crowes in LA on the 17th of September and then driving up to San Francisco on the 18th and spending 4 nights there before driving back to OC and spending 4 more nights at home before going back.

Added to that is a weekend in Rome that I booked for Chick F and I for early July. We’re going to visit a friend of mine who’s a pastry chef writing her second cookbook.

When you put that into context, 2008 is gonna be another HUGE travel year…
new year – Jan 4 was in OC 3 days
Feb 15-Mar 8 California 21 days
March 20-30 Bratislava/Vienna 10 days
April 5 Belgrade 1 day
April 10-13 Amsterdam 3 days
May 9-20 Romania 11 days
July 4-7 Rome 3 days
July 25 – Sep 27 CA/C. America 63 days
Dec 12-28 California 16 days
131 days

Holy shit!!! 2005 had 126 days of holiday but I am actually going to surpass that, unbelievable! When do I work at all? Oh yeah, today, 8am until 5.30pm… I know, I’m obsessed with it but I just can’t believe how little I can work and how much I can do what I want. I like being in my early 30s in Europe! 🙂

North Korea

April 17, 2008

A Norwegian guy who hosted me in northern Norway 3 years ago was just in North Korea. Here is his description of it…
Well, its hard to explain, you have to see it yourself.

Imagine a city with 3 million people and not one single private car but huge streets like in other big cities except that they are more or less totally empty ! Evenalmost no busses were seen. All people walked.The country is totally cut from the outside world, theyhave no idea whats going on.People are not allowed to travel from one city to another unless in very special occasions so there wereno traffic to be seen of busses from the various towns.We didnt see any trucks transporting goods either.

We were all over the country and each town seems like a prison closed from the outside world. We were never allowed to talk to local people and none tried to talk to us either. They knew if they did they would end in prison.We could never enter a shop but that was not difficultbecause we didnt see any shops. Only a few specialones were tourists were allowed in to shop. Also wesaw no restaurants exept those for foreigners.They can not watch foreign TV or listen foreign radio.95% of programs was dedicated to the great leader KimIl Sung. All songs on TV and Radio was about him.Well, there are many things I can say. It was an amazing experience to be in North Korea. You should go there. The tour we did by www.koreakonsult.se was so good. We were 9 persons in our group.