my first friday in germany in a month!

I know that may not as exciting to some but it’s my first friday night in germany in a month! I’m going to dinner with a couple of other english teachers and I plan to catch a buzz. That’s my plan. The weekend is open and next thursday i’m off on another holiday, I’m insane!

I worked on my taxes a bit today with a guy who is a judge in the tax court, now a friend of mine but a great person who I thought about the other night when I was watching a political comedy show and the host (bill maher) asked the panel who they would like to answer the phone at 3am as the president with the world about to enter the brink of catastrophe, ie. Musharraf has just been assasinated and maybe Al Qaeda has nuclear weapons now and I thought of this guy as the person I might want answering the phone at 3am and deciding what to do.

I also went to the Foreign Authorities in hopes of getting more than another 90 day extension but my case worker (who is new to me) has a new boss who hasn’t read my file. That means they only gave me 90 days and told me to call back next week. I’m hoping to get AT LEAST 2 years but they will probably try to only give me one year at most but it’s gonna be fantastic to not have to go back to those fuckers for more than 3 months! It’s been 2 years…

I’m catching a buzz tonight…


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