Jetlag is cool, you actually get to see the world as god intended it, bassackwards.

California was a great time, lots of partying and visiting of friends, was also in Vegas for a couple of nights. I went with Chick A and it was a good way for us to cement our friendship which is good for a few reasons. One, Chick A and I are meant to be friends and to that point we hadn’t really developed a friendship per se. She’s gotten a job in Italy where she used to work 3 years ago and it’s a major victory for her. Her time in Freiburg has a countdown now and she couldn’t be happier. I’m happy for her.

And two, it’s a good thing because I’ve become interested in someone new. It’s all a bit new to stitch into something but for now we’ll call her Chick F (this time because of the first name and not some chronological sense) and she’s a really cool chick. We met at the university and that’s all I’ll say about that for proprietorial reasons. hahaha

I start a new semester at a school that near the Swiss border. It’s always a bit unnerving to start a new semester because you have to get to know the new people and usually that’s a disappointing venture but there’s always hope there might be one or two interesting people there but let’s not get our hopes up, ok?

I’m going to Bratislava in 10 days.


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