March 29, 2008

hey yall, at the end of a 9 day trip to bratislava, was drinking next to the brother of a famous gangster in bratislava my host told me. Have been busy living later, some news on the way soon, just giving it some time to breathe but you will be not quite the first to know but dont worry, you are on the list. might actually be in belgrade, serbia next saturday and then amsterdam the saturday after that. when do i work….


You Bring the Devil

March 16, 2008

A great song from the Jane Does, a band I saw in LA when I was there last month.

Got a little wild both evenings this weekend, gotta work a bit this week and then thursday i’m off for 9 days.

Oh yeah, last night at a russian-inspired bar called KGB a friend of mine offerred me to go to Belgrade, Serbia for one night and party with some radio people he works with or something. He was a bit drunk when he mentioned it but I’m all ears. We would chill in the business lounge at basel airport, fly business class and then check out all these clubs in belgrade for a night and then fly back the next morning at 11am! Ok, that sounds like normal…And people ask me why i would prefer to live in germany than southern california! hahaha

my first friday in germany in a month!

March 14, 2008

I know that may not as exciting to some but it’s my first friday night in germany in a month! I’m going to dinner with a couple of other english teachers and I plan to catch a buzz. That’s my plan. The weekend is open and next thursday i’m off on another holiday, I’m insane!

I worked on my taxes a bit today with a guy who is a judge in the tax court, now a friend of mine but a great person who I thought about the other night when I was watching a political comedy show and the host (bill maher) asked the panel who they would like to answer the phone at 3am as the president with the world about to enter the brink of catastrophe, ie. Musharraf has just been assasinated and maybe Al Qaeda has nuclear weapons now and I thought of this guy as the person I might want answering the phone at 3am and deciding what to do.

I also went to the Foreign Authorities in hopes of getting more than another 90 day extension but my case worker (who is new to me) has a new boss who hasn’t read my file. That means they only gave me 90 days and told me to call back next week. I’m hoping to get AT LEAST 2 years but they will probably try to only give me one year at most but it’s gonna be fantastic to not have to go back to those fuckers for more than 3 months! It’s been 2 years…

I’m catching a buzz tonight…


March 10, 2008

Jetlag is cool, you actually get to see the world as god intended it, bassackwards.

California was a great time, lots of partying and visiting of friends, was also in Vegas for a couple of nights. I went with Chick A and it was a good way for us to cement our friendship which is good for a few reasons. One, Chick A and I are meant to be friends and to that point we hadn’t really developed a friendship per se. She’s gotten a job in Italy where she used to work 3 years ago and it’s a major victory for her. Her time in Freiburg has a countdown now and she couldn’t be happier. I’m happy for her.

And two, it’s a good thing because I’ve become interested in someone new. It’s all a bit new to stitch into something but for now we’ll call her Chick F (this time because of the first name and not some chronological sense) and she’s a really cool chick. We met at the university and that’s all I’ll say about that for proprietorial reasons. hahaha

I start a new semester at a school that near the Swiss border. It’s always a bit unnerving to start a new semester because you have to get to know the new people and usually that’s a disappointing venture but there’s always hope there might be one or two interesting people there but let’s not get our hopes up, ok?

I’m going to Bratislava in 10 days.