In 2 days I’ll be in California.
In 5 weeks I’ll be in Bratislava.
In 2 months I’ll be in Amsterdam.
In 3 months I’ll be in Romania.
In 6 months I’ll be in Central America.
In 10 months I’ll be in California.

1)What will I do in 4-5 months? 🙂

I bought my train ticket for California today. 9.57am I’m on the way to Frankfurt and then a direct flight to Los Angeles. I’ll be eating Chipotle for dinner. The next day is completely wide open but perfect weather is expected.

I have lottery tickets for tonight. I hope I win.

I called the German Social Security and they said that 8700 euros will be temporarily waived until next year when my income/expenses will be reviewed again. Starting in April I have to pay an extra 50 euros/month for the 1300 euros of the original 10,000 euro backpayment. It could be worse. That will be 245 euros/month to some unknown future. Thanks, responsibility and laws!

I’m listening to Howard Stern now with a rapper named Flo-rida as he gets ready to sing his number one single. They brought in a stripper for Howard while they sing.


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