I had a pre-intermediate class this evening from 6-7:30pm in the university. There were only 7 of 13 students, probably because of the end of the semester but they were 6 women and one man from ukraine (2), china, korea, poland, india, and estonia. We learned the word “salary” and I said it is perfect year normally but sometimes in Germany they measure it by month. I then asked them what salary they hope to earn after their studies come to a close. The answers ranged from 1500-3000euros/month after taxes.

It was great to see the Ukranian guy’s face when the Ukranian chick hoped to make 2000euros/month in Lviv. He was like, “yeah, right bitch!” It was classic. I then showed them with 2000 euros per month in a town live Lviv (a place I have not been but can ‘imagine’) I would be throwing money in the air and have lots of girlfriends. Man, they were rolling on that one. Now I got them all with nicknames, some told me what they were and some I had to make up so now I have: Zozschutzka (i didn’t make that one up), Teeny, Abu, Kubic, Sunny and Boo-ya. Great stuff, I think they’re starting to like it.

I have been trying to convince the 25-year old Chinese girl that she needs to get drunk and go to a disco. She said she has never danced in her life, I couldn’t believe it. This chick lives in a shared flat wtih 15 people who are partying up a storm like no man’s business and she’s not a part of it. I told her to go out with the korean girl, get drunk and let her take you dancing the korean chick was totally into it.

I was paid 50euros for those 90 minutes.


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