5 days

Haha, sorry, I guess I have been living more than documenting life as of late. I’m sure you’ll forgive me but I can’t help myself, there’s a lot going on. Right now, however, I’m chilling on my bed, just out of the shower after having jogged, am feeling very relaxed and wondering how I’m still gonna be able to whoop it up in 7 hours when the Super Bowl starts. My friend Gregg went to New York for 2 days for the Super Bowl because his friend bought the ticket based on a bet they had made. The weather is beautiful right now.

I spoke with the German Social Security and nothing is official but there is a good possibility that they will give me a waiver of approximately 85% of whatever I would have owed them. Think about that. I thought I was going to have to pay 10,000 euros as a backpayment and now it appears that that number could be as low as 1,500 euros I have to pay them back. It’s part of the best of the worst-case scenario.

I’m working on easter plans. It looks like Bratislava/Vienna for 9 days. In May I’ve got Romania up my butt and I think I may say to hell with it and fly from Dortmund to Cluj-Napoca for the Pentacost for 9-10 days. That could be pretty epic. These are going to be trips that focus on photography and culture, not just catching a buzz and getting wild like Spain in September was. I’ve got to get focused again (somehow).

There’s a big Carnival-type parade tomorrow and it is a pretty freaky affair to say the least, people dressed in improbable costume with ugly masks and throwing candy into the crowds as they pass. Me? I might head in and watch some, maybe even take some pictures if I’m SUPER motivated but probably not. I’ll let ya know…


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