6 months

So I have been officially single for 6 months today. I wasn´t sure what to think about it at first but I distinctly remember an emotion that I had yesterday while I was lying in bed hungover trying not to think at all. It was a moment of ´thanks´that she broke up with me because I have had some great times with Chick A in this time frame and not to mention some of the other interesting women I have met and been on dates on and the nights I was still out at 4am when I normally would not have been. I am going to be okay. I have got a lot to offer that a woman wants, and I am not even worried about it. Things are going well for the most part.

And I have been a lot of places since then. I went to the states for a month just afterward, then to spain for a week, london twice for long weekends, amsterdam and then california again for a few weeks. I had 4 photo exhibitions, saw some great concerts and have been on some dates, some better than others but still, I am getting myself out there. I quit one of my highest-paying jobs because of student apathy. I am now paying into the German social security system which I am not too stoked on but i do want to be here legally so that I can be as free as I feel when I walking around town drunk at 3am with nothing but possibility ahead of me.

What about the next six months? Now that is a good question. I would very much like to try and get work on A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country done but it has been slow going. I need to focus on what the book is about and just start writing. I am going to try and organize another couple of parties, see some concerts, visit some places (california and amsterdam are the only two that are official but Easter and Pentacost are still wide open). I have been working out and eating better, and I want to enjoy the friendships I have made in the past months and basically be me. I was having some trouble in the Fall being myself for many reasons, none of which need to be repeated if you ever read this blog but it is getting better. I am getting better. It has been six months, not enough to say, hey J, you’re all better now but at least enough to say, good to see you’re not all fucked up still. Keep going, J, you are getting there. But don’t forget to appreciate the journey along the way.

After the next six months, I have an epic trip to Central America planned but more on that later after I do some other stuff in the meanwhile. Cheers, ya’ll…


One Response to 6 months

  1. Leharik says:

    nice to hear you are doing fine.
    i`m also single and quite happy with it. i should go out on dates more often though. watched brokeback mountain recently and would not like to end up like these guys…
    (one of the actors died yesterday – RIP)

    keep blogging, dude!

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