Went to bed at 3am. Woke up off and on through 8pm, took a shower, shaved and rode my bike into town, got some papers from my cubbyhole that I never look in and then went to the university library. First I wanted to go the ATM but it had been moved, a convenient one that i just brought a special ATM card for and then had to find another one. It turned out to be one I’d never been to, didn’t even know it was there. I got 20euros, went back to the library and made a beeline for the cafeteria where I bought a double coffee and pretzel for 2.30euros and hustled it back to my classroom. It was 10.01am and my class started in 14 minutes. I had more time than I’d thought.

I only had to sit on the side of the classroom while 3 students were in control of the day’s lesson. They chose the smoking ban, alcohol and drugs as topics. I had to do nothing. Then had lunch of turkish burrito (yufka) in what turned out to be perfect weather and sun. My second class was a presentation on the Simpsons and I had to do nothing again but write down their mistakes, which at times is “harder work” than actually teaching/talking. Had a 30-minute break and made photocopies for the third class. I brought in the Sunday edition of the LA Times from December 30th in all its bloated glory and I had each student hold it and pass it on to show its girth. Then I opened it up and gave each of the 13 people a section of the paper, whether it was the front section, sports, calendar, travel, real estate, comics, etc. we spent the next hour with them just looking at the newspaper. i ended up switching it up so that each person could pretty much look at each section, even if some were actually boring. But they also looked at all of the ads inside, compared prices and it was actually a great experience. They were all really, peacefully enjoying the experience of spending an hour to look at a big newspaper. Their homework was to find an article or something of interest and bring it in next week.

Then I met a student for a beer at 4pm but i only drank spezi (fanta and coke). Then I went to Chick A’s and for an espresso which was really nice of her because I needed it bad. She has this crazy important job competition interview in 3 weeks in Brussels and is really focusing. It’s impressive, really. And then gets to go to Calfornia with moi for a couple of weeks, world, get ready for how Chick A and yours truly rock the world. We’ve taken having a good time with dinner and drinks to a new level and we’ll show ya’ll how it’s done! hahaha (I’m glad I’m finally off work. Let me get back to my day.)

I then rode my bike over to a university building and had a class with 11 chicks who are students taking a pre-intermediate class. They are from Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Japan, China, Korea and Bulgaria. I’m not shitting you. It was a lot of energy entertaining them after my day but I did ok. I rode my bike home, got home at 7.40 heated up the leftover chile con carne and i am so happy to be in the nest.

So that was my day, at least until 8.30pm. I still have to do the dishes and clean my room but for now I’m here. Cheers


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