Neal Casal

Damn, his music gotten into my head, I can’t even imagine what the new Ryan Adams and the Cardinals will sound like if they are writing music together. The two songs in particular are “Freeway to the Canyon” and “You Don’t See Me Crying”.

I’m hoping to have some normal sleep tonight, the past couple of nights I have been awake at 3.30am and that’s okay on a Saturday night but it’s aint cool on a Sunday night when I have to work the next day.

I’m trying to figure out how it feels to be back in Freiburg again and I have to say it feels okay. I think I will still just start sniffing out some possibilities of other places to live, so I can almost hold Freiburg hostage like, hey bitch, you better treat me good or I’m outta here! Just kidding, but having options is something that would be good for me so I never feel like I’m “stuck” here. I don’t feel like it now but I could envision how it could be in some time if I don’t feel like other parts of my life are moving forward.

I did a small workout today, had an OK day of work in Fartwanger and then came home, cooked a nice dinner of pork with peppers and couscous and carrots and then cleaned off my desk (it’s already messy again) and did a bit of work on AHG (A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country) and now I’m chatting with Maya in England. She got a new job in Oslo and is going to make a shitload more money and in her native land of the viking. Good on her!

so, that’s Monday…


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