I spent a lot of time at home pointing out differences between Germany and the US, not slanting it as “better” but more just cultural things. Last night another of those occurred to me. I somehow pulled myself together to go out for a beer or two with a buddy. We met at the bar where a student of mine works, we had a couple of rounds and then went to another bar with this girlfriend and two other guys. we went separate directions around 1am and i went back to the first bar and the bartender was getting off work so we went to taceles and we ended up drinking and dancing until around 4.40am. I got home around 5 and slept until 2pm and have done more or less nothing today and it’s been exactly what I needed. I’m gonna watch my 4th and 5th LOST episodes now…

my point? In a “small” college town of 200,000 in a somewhat conservative part of the country, we were in a fairly packed bar still at 4am and they had to kick us off the dance floor. When I was in Calfornia for Xmas, a couple of times I felt like I was just catching my groove when last call was made at 1.15am or so… see the difference?


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