I somehow forgot about the weather in southern California. The thing is, I often tell people in Germany that there is no weather in southern California but I was wrong. The weather is perfect here. Today, for example, the second of January, a cold ass day in Freiburg for sure (it’s 32 degrees right now, 0 for you centrigraders) and here it is 74 degrees (23 centigrade), a slight breeze, mostly sunshine, just glorious. I miss this. I’ve been jogging 10 times in the nearly 3 weeks I’ve been home, that’s about how many times I went jogging in the second half of 2007 and I attribute most of it to the weather. So what can I do about that? I’m goin to have to focus on working out indoors, no matter how unglorious that is and to still get motivated to jog at least once a week, if not twice. Every 3 days to go jogging isn’t so bad but the weather is unpredictable, even if it’s not so unbearably cold it might be raining and I ain’t going jogging in the rain, I don’t love life THAT much! hahahah

Hard to believe I’ll be in Germany in 40 hours or so. It’s going to be an interesting readjustment period but I’m glad to have the weekend to relax and organize. My desk is a mess and it’d be good to get all those papers organized before work starts up on Monday and to be able to unpack, maybe reorganize my room a bit, give me a feeling of newness, something 2008 desperately needs. I need this all to feel new to me, not just an extension of what was but we’ll see. I’m off to enjoy my last day in the sunshine for 6 weeks, have a good one!


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