A little after 8am on the last day of 2007, a year I am still, quite frankly, ready to be over. I was ready for it to be over when I got on the plane to come to California over two weeks ago but I’m glad I’ve had the past two weeks here to hang with friends, meet some new people and gain some perspective on my life. 2008 will be a better year, it has to be because 2007 included two things that were devastating for me: the end of my relationship and the decision by the German Social Security System to declare that I have to pay them everything back, starting now. Actually, the end of my relationship didn’t devastate me but it was definitely not what I wanted and the social security thing didn’t devastate me either but it’s going to cut significantly into my fun money.

2008 is going to be a different kind of year for me. I have not begun a year single since 2000 (and I had a girlfriend starting in February of that year). One of my roommates is moving out for a year in February to go to Australia so I’ll be living with someone new and I can only hope that they are cool (and have cute friends!) and easy to live with. I’ve quit one of my highest paying jobs and will have one or two new jobs for next year. I’m going to work on a book in earnest, something I have not done for a few years. I’ve got a long, solo trip planned to Central America, Easter and Pentacost are not yet planned but something is going to happen, whether it’s Romania, Morocco, or even a timeshare in Spain or a last-minute trip to somewhere like Tunisia or Sicily or somewhere new (even if it’s not a new country, per se). I’m going to try and eat at home more often and exercise more. I’m going to California for a couple of weeks with Chick A and that is going to a damn good time. She’s never been to the States and is going to love it here. I hope to start doing more events (that cost less money to organize though I will do another Groovement Festival-like thing sometime in 2008.

Most importantly, 2008 is a test for me. Can I still like Freiburg even though the reason why I went there doesn’t exist anymore? I believe the answer to be yes but, and this is crucial, if for any reason the answer is not yes, I have to be willing and able to seek out new possibilities and directions for my life so I don’t get stuck in a rut there. Any future moves will NOT be to California but rather to another European country most likely, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, something like that but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how Freiburg is first.

I need to learn to be more independent (again). My relationship with Assiyeah both had us independent but after she broke up with me I felt the co-dependence kicking in and I need to not need anyone anymore. That’s another reason I went ahead and bought those plane tickets to Central America, regardless of what my life is like in 7 months so that I can know that I am, indeed, living MY life. That’s what 2008 is about, MY life.

Happy New Year!


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