Now I understand gangsta rap…

“Fuck the police” has a different connontation for me now, I finally get what the gangsta rappers in the last 80s/early 90s were talking about but I digress. Let’s talk about Tuesday night first.

I went over to my buddy KC and Chris’ place. We watched the Lakers game, listened to some music KC was writing and then around 9 we went to Boscoes. It was already pretty busy and the karaoke scene was in full effect. We sat at the bar and had some wings and beer. It took awhile for me to get my karaoke vibe in me but it went pretty well. I sang a couple of songs, one being “Because I got High” from Afroman and the other song was “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys. I saw people I knew from previous times there including this dude Jorge who’s got tattooes and long black hair and big earrings but I gotta give it to him, dude seems like a chick magnet! hahah

I had definitely caught a buzz by the time we left and went back to KC’s and promptly fell asleep. I was a bit hungover for my doctor’s appointment and then I came and relaxed for an hour before picking KC up to get some food and we chilled all afternoon at my house, watching “Shallow Hal”, some with my pops before trying to pick KC’s car up at the shop but it wasn’t ready so we took a loner and went back to his place again. His roommate Chris had just come back from an interview at a ritzy hotel to be a bartender and then we went over to Forest Lanes to go bowling for one of KC’s work Xmas parties. I hadn’t been bowling in a couple of years and it really tripped me out who goes bowling, some strange folk to say the least but we had a good time. I bowled a 111 and 99. Yeah, I know, I kick ass.

Then we went to a new place called The Stationhouse Grill. It’s a small place but they have hot waitresses dressed up like cops. It was jarring at first, I couldn’t really concentrate on what was going on but then I saw a dude drinking a jello shot off one of the policewomen and I thought, yes, that is how I want to spend my holiday. They were a dollar a shot. The chick, Renee, said no problem. She had to bend her knees a bit because she was a good 4+ inches taller than me but that first shot was so good I ended up having 2 more. Those were arguably the highlights of the trip so far! hahaah And we met a dude named Matt who had just been in Iraq and had been stationed in Germany. I gave him one of my Groovement Stories books and he was stoked because he was flying to upstate the next day and wanted something to read.

I got dropped off by around midnight but still was awake around 6.30am this morning, much to my chagrin. My plan today is to wrap presents, write in my journal, go running if the weather isn’t so bad and maybe even head up to the airport to change my ticket but I have a feeling I’ll wait until next week.

Happy Thursday to ya’ll, the Rams are playing the Steelers tonight and we are all gonna meet up at Oggi’s for the game, ciao!


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