9 hours of partying

I got picked up at 5.30pm last night by my buddy Nate. We went down to Jalapenos, a new Mexican place off El Toro Road and waited for our buddy Erik, a guy we went to high school and college with. The three of us drank some beer and ate great food while sitting outside in the chilly yet warm enough evening. We then went to Boscoes, my buddy’s bar. We were the longest lasting customers of the night (I was at, at any rate). We played some pool, drank beer and it was 3 hours before some people really started showing up. We had caught a buzz by then. I sang a lot of karaoke. Here are some of the songs I sang:
1)Wind of Change – The Scorpions. I dedicated this to all of the German people in my life who make me feel more uptight than I really am.
2)Date Rape – Sublime. This one I dedicated to the bartender who had casually accused me of slipping her a date rape drug four months ago. She was clearly embarassed yet owning up to the thing when I went up to her and showed her the slip of paper and said, I was thinking of seeing this song. Classic Jason!
3)Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper. The karaoke dude complimented me on my back to back Date Rape/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun combo. I made the chorus from time to time Oh boys just wanna come…
4)Celebration – Kool and the Gang. The band I was in in college, we used to play this song sometimes and it got some people dancing.
5)Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 – Bob Dylan. They’ll stone when you’re trying to be so good…

I ended up getting home around 3.3opm and it was an epic night for me. That one night made the whole trip back home worth it. I had given some photos to people when I was here 4 months and 3 different people (two of them chicks) came up to me and said (I shit you not), I was so happy when I saw you here tonight, I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again and thanks so much for the photo, it’s up in my apartment and I love it. I needed that SOOOOO much because the last months (years?) I have often felt like people had a good time hanging out with me or were happy to accept t-shirts I had made, small books I had published, photos I’d developed and then I’d never hear from them again and that’s okay, I have enough in life to give but it was so rewarding last night to get feedback from people. My bartab was 62 and I tipped 15 bucks. I had a great night last night.

Today is my dad’s birthday, we’re going to a steakhouse where if you wear a tie then they cut it off because it’s like a rustic, cowboy place. I’m planning on wearing a tie so they can cut it off. Cheers, ya’ll!

p.s. I spent a couple of hundred dollars yesterday changing my plane ticket to stay 5 days longer in California. I was thinking that spending the New Year in Barcelona alone might not be the best thing for my soul right now. I’m all about making personal statements but I need some recovery and home time to start adding the wonderful accoutrements to my soul that’ll make it a nice place to hang out for awhile…


One Response to 9 hours of partying

  1. horsty says:

    My friend who is living in India is visiting at the moment, and she told me she had given your book to this indian guy who had been living in Norway for a year. He’s extatic!
    Tell your dad happy birthday from me!!

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