Back in the USSR

I was inspired just now to write about something. Apparently someone whom I can’t contact posted on one of my blog entries about places to go and see in Freiburg. I didn’t know he had asked the questions (I don’t think) until just now but he was nice enough to write another response denouncing me for being a taker. Yawn…

Anyway, I entered the United States today for the first time in 3.5 months. I was poked in the chest by a border police when I was trying to walk into the baggage claim when he apparently wanted some line when there were only 3 of us. Hello, Police State! Four times I heard on the overhead that the Homeland Security Terror Alert level was Orange. I was in the bathroom the first time I heard it and I just said “shut up” to the overhead. What the hell, man.

It’s good to be back in OC, I think, I have needed California for awhile.

If anyone would truly like advice on what to do and where to go in Freiburg, leaving a comment on my blog is not the best way to contact me. I am not alerted to people posting comments. You can email me directly at . Sorry if I don’t write back, it’s nothing personal, right?

Hey backintheussr, check out the blog entry you “commented” on. I gave you some advice, some of which was sarcastic and some of which was obvious. You are happy to take whatever advice you like. No hard feelings, cheers.


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