Beer with buddies

hey ya’ll,

got a private lesson starting momentarily, just wanted to let ya’ll know that i am going to have some beers with some buddies tonight, something I have not been doing enough of lately. And goddamn, am I excited from california! I just zipped up my big bag that I’m bringing home and can’t wait to be there, put on some shorts and go jogging. I know it sounds very weird but I hate this weather (cold, gray, wet) for exercise, it’s just so damn hard to get motivated. I’m gonna try and do some exercise every day while I’m home in CA. Don’t know if it will happen but it’s in the works. I still have to find a gift for Jake, Amy’s kid and teach a bunch tomorrow. I’ll be up around 5.30am on Friday and it will be a long ass day to bring me to california but it’s so worth it. Sing with me, California, California, here we come!!!! I’ll be getting up for that journey in 36 hours!



One Response to Beer with buddies

  1. J says:

    Have a great time. I haven’t been home to CA since 1995.

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