A Great Night to be Alone

It’s raining outside, everyone is doing their thing, there is a room full of german chicks in the next room watching “Lost”. I got a long day tomorrow that will have two classes and two “classes” where we drink something. Tuesday has work until 3 and then a work Xmas party and then at 6pm another private lesson and then at 8 meet some buddies for beers and then Thursday try and get another 90-day extension of my work and residence permit and work a full day until 7.30pm and then grab some grub with Chick A+ and on Friday at 6.23am I’ll be on a train. I’ll arrive home in Orange Country, California 23 hours and 57 minutes later. I’m listening to Howard Stern online, getting ready to sort some papers and get to bed early because I gotta get up at 7am tomorrow.



8 Responses to A Great Night to be Alone

  1. BackintheUSSR says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’m an English Teacher and I’ll be spending most of my vacation in Strasbourg, but I’m arriving in Frankfurt and from reading your blog, I’d like to check out Freiburg. Any suggestions on some places to check out? Restaurants, Pubs etc. I know you’re not a tour guide, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. BackintheUSSR says:

    Hey Jason, thanks for the suggestions. I know it probably took too much of your precious time. I mean you being so busy mooching around the world. Tell us, how many hospitality club members have you hosted in Freiburg? I guess you can’t even take the time and suggest a few places to someone who has taken the time to read your blog.

    You know why no-one showed up to your extravaganza? Because your a taker. People who are givers don’t have to put in that much effort to pull something like that off. On second thought, who would want any advice about Freiburg from someone who is so obviously unpopular.

    Mr. Busy, the Jetsetting mooch, you’re too busy living off the good graces of your ex-girlfriend’s friends in the flat you’re in. Are you that tight, that you don’t even have enough self respect and move out? You are only a hero to yourself pal. You’re not impressing anyone by sponging off people.

    Wow, all that travelling and time off you’ve got, wow! Anyone can go around the world mooching, why don’t you write a book about that? How old are you? Real men, grown ups pay their own way…No wonder why Assiyeah dumped your sorry out of shape leeching ass. She wanted a real man….

    Try not to eat your Mommy and Daddy out of house and home back in California. Have a nice trip…..

  3. horsty says:

    Heheheh, Eminem’s Stan..

  4. Jason says:

    hey backintheussr,

    you don’t know how lucky you are, boy, back in the ussr.

    I’m sorry, what suggestions did I give you? Oh, that’s right, I was living my life.

    I guess I would start at Kagan, then Karma, then Jackson Pollack Bar, and then Cohi Bar and then Crash. If I were you, that is because then we won’t see each other because I don’t go to those places.

    If you want real suggestions from me, I suppose going to the places that I mention on my blog would make sense, seeing as that I go there. Are you into gay guys with hair? Or skinny chicks with pierced lips? What do you want me to say? I eat at Cheers and Walfisch mostly and I drink at Cheers, Walfisch, Eimer, O’Kellys and Beerhaus. If you like, I’ll give you a tour of my ass where my head is apparently. Happy Holidays. Sorry for not seeing that you had posted something on my blog that no one reads. Cheers, bro.

  5. BackintheUSSR says:

    As they say in France “touchez”. I guess you do have a little bite to you.

  6. BackintheUSSR says:

    Actually, I’m into chicks with no hair, but that’s a personal preference..

    As far as a tour up your Ass, I’ll pass, although that might be a good idea for one of your Aaaahrtist exhibitions, could even cover your costs, unlike your last extravaganza.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Merry Christmas Bro.

  7. Marzia says:

    Hahahaha, I love the late comeback, he was actually thinking about it for half an hour, hahaha. Plus, he’s chosing to read a blog and let it upset him, hahahahahahaha, dont read it then! It’s a blog! Who regularly reads the blog of someone who clearly is annoying the hell out of them? I also love the way he uses the tour guide thing as an excuse, because this obsession clearly goes way beyond that. Ahhhh, the lovely psychology of it all, this is so entertaining!!

    Keep it coming, please, can’t wait to hear what else you have been thinking about!! 🙂

  8. BackintheUSSR says:

    Glad to be entertaining you…

    Obviously from the lack of posters, this blog needed a bit more edge. Since you like the tour comment, how about a tour of your Ass, Marzia?

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