The Groovement Festival — One Night Only!

So I’m fucking nervous as hell, it’s 11.24am on Saturday and tonight I have what could be the biggest event I’ve ever organized, something called The Groovement Festival. I’ve got a reggae band and a country band and a photo exhibition and a Q&A session about hospitality club/couchsurfing. And I’ve published a collection of short stories for the event. I’ve got 1000 euros invested in this evening and I don’t know if anyone’s coming.

The country band has come from Berlin which is 500 miles away (true, they booked two more gigs in this general part of Germany but). I’ve been working on this event for like 3 months and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. It costs 4euros to get in and this is a college town and it could turn many people away or maybe the weather or maybe just laziness or maybe even another event in town. My one roommate has her last big test on Thursday (and somehow she can’t even come for one or two hours and not get drunk and just look at the photos and shit) and the other roommate said she doesn’t know if she’s going to come. That kind of pissed me off. If neither of them come tonight, it’s going to be a chilly vibe in the apartment next week.

Anyway, have you ever put yourself out there before? I’ve done lots of events but none of them ever had the opportunity to potentially be so big. I’m hoping ideally 200 people will come. You have to remember that I’m a teacher at the university in this town and I’ve told my students that I will not only be peforming a couple of songs with a friend but one of those songs will be me rapping over my buddy’s piano playing. That song is called “Fuck It”.

I wish I could stream the evening for you guys but you can find some sound/info on the two bands playing, they both have myspace pages: The Uplifters and the other band is Modern Earl. I think some of you might really like Modern Earl, it’s country but with some humor thrown in there. Think Gods of Cock Rock a bit… And they do covers of T for Texas, Sing Me Back Home and a slow version of You Shook Me All Night Long.cheers and wish me some luck, I’m lying in bed, drinking coffee from my sexy amsterdam mug and thinking please god, make tonight not so horrible for me!


One Response to The Groovement Festival — One Night Only!

  1. Berlinbound says:

    I hope the event went well last night … And thanks also for stopping in yesterday and leaving your comment.

    To answer your question: You can add a “site meter” to your blog at no charge … there are a number of different ones out there and most are free … just google site meter.


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