Some big balls

Assiyeah came over to watch Lost with the girls last night. She had told me some days earlier that she had a question for me but wouldn’t ask me until she saw me. I had some suspicions about what the question would be but waited patiently…

She was coming up the stairs last night and I asked her what the question was. She started hemming and hawing and I already knew what she wanted to ask. I hope you’re not asking me to…well, could you? Are you serious?

She wanted me to read her final thesis. This, from the girl who cheated on me for months, made me find out myself and now, 4 months later, as the only English-speaker “in her life”, she asked me to read an 80-page paper that she’s been working on for months. Of course, if we were still together it would be no problem. I”d be happy to do it but there’s something about me that the women in my life should know. I am willing to give so much, even more than they are willing to give and I am happy to do it but when it’s over, it’s over. She doesn’t get to have some aspects of being with me without being with me. I’m not longer mad at her, I am willing to have a semblance of friendship with her but there is no fucking way I am going to read her thesis. No fucking way. It’s not even that the question even offended me but that girl has some damn big balls to ask me that question.

Chicks are crazy…


2 Responses to Some big balls

  1. J says:

    I completely agree with your decision.

  2. Michael says:

    if you were the spiteful type you could insert all sort of inappropriate bits and tell her you had made a few “improvements”. 🙂

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