Dec 31 – Jan 6 Barcelona 6
Feb 15 – Mar 7 OC/Vegas/SF 21
Jul 25 – Sep 21 Central America 59

I’m out of control. With 2007’s end fast approaching, 2008’s holiday schedule is slowly being followed in. I just realized that I already have 86 days’ holiday planned for 2008. Add the two weeks home for Xmas 2008 and we’ve already got 100 days’ holiday for what will be the fourth year in a row. Should I get a tattoo or something that? Jesus H. Christ! This is not to brag at all, I know how fragile the ecosystem that allows me to exist is, but oh my god, I am a lucky SOB! I never say that about myself, I know how I like to put myself in the position to cross luck’s path but …

…and quietly I’m looking over my shoulder, still waiting for the German Social Security to write me and demand basically every penny I have in this country and then some.


One Response to 86

  1. Mike B says:

    You know, I read this and I think “Lucky bastard. I only get 30 days of holiday a year.” Then I hear from people back in the US that I’m a lucky bastard because they only get two weeks.

    The Auslanderbehoerde were pretty shitty to me last time around, but largely it seemed because I got a beamter who was more than a little anti-american. Fortunately, she went on holiday, and her colleague, after a little small talk about how nice florida is, looked at my papers and said everything is in order (because it really was), here’s your niederlassungserlaubnis (the unlimited visa).

    Hang in there.

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