I just bought plane tickets to go to Barcelona for New Year’s Eve and 5 nights after that. I am very happy about this impulsive purchase. It cost 53euros roundtrip. That’s 75 bucks to fly roundtrip two hours away to Spain. I wanted to start 2008 off with a bang and I think I just gave myself some gunpowder. The thing is, maybe I don’t end up going to Barcelona. I am coming back from 2 weeks in California and I could easily chill the whole first week of January before having to go back to work but now I have plane tickets to Barcelona now. That is the plan but I love that if, for whatever reason if I don’t go, I’m only out the 53euros, no harm no foul. It was just too cheap to pass up. It’s like I paid 50euros for some dude to wait in line to get me tickets to Zeppelin back in the day or something and maybe I don’t go to the concert but it’s so reassuring knowing at least I have a ticket, ya know?


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