December 31, 2007

A little after 8am on the last day of 2007, a year I am still, quite frankly, ready to be over. I was ready for it to be over when I got on the plane to come to California over two weeks ago but I’m glad I’ve had the past two weeks here to hang with friends, meet some new people and gain some perspective on my life. 2008 will be a better year, it has to be because 2007 included two things that were devastating for me: the end of my relationship and the decision by the German Social Security System to declare that I have to pay them everything back, starting now. Actually, the end of my relationship didn’t devastate me but it was definitely not what I wanted and the social security thing didn’t devastate me either but it’s going to cut significantly into my fun money.

2008 is going to be a different kind of year for me. I have not begun a year single since 2000 (and I had a girlfriend starting in February of that year). One of my roommates is moving out for a year in February to go to Australia so I’ll be living with someone new and I can only hope that they are cool (and have cute friends!) and easy to live with. I’ve quit one of my highest paying jobs and will have one or two new jobs for next year. I’m going to work on a book in earnest, something I have not done for a few years. I’ve got a long, solo trip planned to Central America, Easter and Pentacost are not yet planned but something is going to happen, whether it’s Romania, Morocco, or even a timeshare in Spain or a last-minute trip to somewhere like Tunisia or Sicily or somewhere new (even if it’s not a new country, per se). I’m going to try and eat at home more often and exercise more. I’m going to California for a couple of weeks with Chick A and that is going to a damn good time. She’s never been to the States and is going to love it here. I hope to start doing more events (that cost less money to organize though I will do another Groovement Festival-like thing sometime in 2008.

Most importantly, 2008 is a test for me. Can I still like Freiburg even though the reason why I went there doesn’t exist anymore? I believe the answer to be yes but, and this is crucial, if for any reason the answer is not yes, I have to be willing and able to seek out new possibilities and directions for my life so I don’t get stuck in a rut there. Any future moves will NOT be to California but rather to another European country most likely, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, something like that but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how Freiburg is first.

I need to learn to be more independent (again). My relationship with Assiyeah both had us independent but after she broke up with me I felt the co-dependence kicking in and I need to not need anyone anymore. That’s another reason I went ahead and bought those plane tickets to Central America, regardless of what my life is like in 7 months so that I can know that I am, indeed, living MY life. That’s what 2008 is about, MY life.

Happy New Year!


The almost end

December 31, 2007

It’s 8pm on Sunday, the Simpsons are getting ready to start and it’s a mellow Sunday(as of now). We visited relatives today in Redondo Beach, saw a movie and dropped my aunt off at the airport. It was so great getting to see her and she and I had a lot to talk about.

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. I’m most likely goin to Boscoes because it’s close, my friends will be there and I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed (unless I get lucky, hahahah). I’ll give you guys a retrospective of 2007 tomorrow and some of my 2008 goals and dreams.

Hope life is treating ya’ll well…see some of you soon, and some of you, well, see you.

Auntie Annie

December 28, 2007

is in the house!!! I haven’t seen her since August in Portland, Maine and today she and I are doing some shopping and then there will be a dinner at my parents’ house with a bunch of friends and then those friends and I are going to Boscoes (big surprise, right?) for dollar beers and to get our buzz on. I think it could be me, Mooney, two of his friends, Nate, Chad and some of his friends already that is like almost 10 people. Just imagine how much fun we’re gonna be having. I hope not to have too much of a headache on Saturday because some family is coming over at noon for lunch and I have a date on Saturday night. I don’t have any expectations from the date but it’s always nice getting to know another woman, ain’t it? Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

Central America, baby!!!!!!

December 27, 2007

It’s official, friends and family! Your beloved crazy friend Jason has just spent 378 dollars for flights to Central America! Here’s the basic info:

August 1, 2008
LAX to San Jose, Costa Rica (with a stop in San Salvador)

September 11, 2008
Guatemala City to LAX

This is huge, my longest solo trip since Fall 1999 and it’s a big carrot for me to focus on 2008 and make it my year. I already have 3 weeks in CA planned in February and now a 6-week trip to Central America, some new countries and a language I can already speak some of. I can’t wait baby, woohoo!!!!!!!


December 26, 2007

hey all,

I caught a buzz last night at Boscoes with buddies and actually hung out with a minor star last night, a dude from 98 degrees, the band that Nick Lachey (Jessica Simpsons’ ex-husband) is in. No need to mention his name or anything but he was a really cool dude, down to earth and we talked about places in europe and chicks…I sang karaoke “California Girls” and changed some of the lines to “I’m glad there not all California girls” and a line, “The Italian girls, with the way they kiss, they keep me up at night”, hahahah! I was having a good time. I also sang “Paradise City” by Guns n Roses, “Yakety Yak”, and “Leroy Brown” but changed it to “Jason Brown, the baddest man in all orange county”!

I changed my plane ticket today at the airport and maybe, just maybe don’t have to pay the hundreds of dollars to change it for some reason, that would be sooOOOOooo cool if I didn’t have to pay. I then went to Borders to buy a bunch of books and dvds and stuff:

**A map of Central America
**Let’s Go: Central America
**West Wing Season One
**Weeds Season Two
**an Orishas cd
**a Black Crowes acoustic cd
**a book about the transatlantic cable
**a book about the constitutional convention of 1787
**a book about how Bush has subverted the constitution

and some other stuff…

I got a haircut (not bad), had lunch and then argued about politics with the folks for a half hour while King of Queens was on and then went jogging and then helped my folks clean up the house a bit. I’m goin to Best Buy soon and then taking the folks out to dinner. I’m playing golf tomorrow, have friends coming over for a barbecue on friday and then goin to dinner with a friend on saturday and then we’ll see…good weather is good!

Merry Holidays

December 24, 2007

I don’t believe in the War on Christmas. I say Merry Christmas to some people and happy holidays to others. That is not a war. I think people use the word ‘war’ too easily. Sorry for being sensitive to the fact that the person I say Merry Christmas to might not actually celebrate Christmas. It’s not a big deal either way so with that in mind…

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!

cheers from 72 degree California!

Sunday afternoon

December 23, 2007

Ahhh, got the house to myself for a few hours, my parents just went to a play to see the Rockettes. I’m watching some football, going jogging in about 20 minutes and then I’ll probably chill out in the backyard for some of the afternoon, try and get some sun and feel like I’m on vacation.

Last night I went out kind of late for my OC life, about 11pm. Nate picked me up, we went to the Irvine Spectrum to the Yardhouse, a place with over 200 beers on tap and met up with Shavid, his fiancee Steph, Ryan and a guy I had not seen since high school, Todd. It was a great time in a somewhat chic bar but we hung for a couple of drinks and then went over to Boscoes where there were some drunk-ass people there. There was almost even a fight, too!

Well, just wanted to give a little update on life here in beautiful southern california. Hope you are having a relaxing sunday as well! cheers…