A Day in My Life

I woke up at 6.59am, didn’t want to but got up, brushed my teeth, ate a banana while checking emails, got dressed up for the excursion outside, freezing as I left at 7.34am. Took a tram 4 stops, transferred and went one more stop, walked another 4 minutes to my first class. It’s often difficult to get in right away because no one is manning that door so early (7.51am) but today someone was propping the door open for themselves. I made some photocopies for the class, made photocopies for another class, took some light blue and light yellow and recycled colored paper and then went and taught a class on email etiquette, ended class 15 minutes early like every week because I have another course at 9.30am down the street. I made photocopies, got a coffee and sat in the small conference room waiting for whatever lawyers were gonna show up. Today I got 3 of the 5 (remember the 6th, Christian Wolf, the student of mine who died last month) and we spent 30 minutes talking about a case where a German manufacturer of large “meat machines” that do sausage and mince meat, etc was going to sue a Polish manufacturer for basically ripping off their design. I ended that class 15 minutes early because of another job in another town but I gave them this lesson for free because I need to end my class early for a few weeks.

I took at tram at 10.18pm and was at the train station for a 10.40am train. I bought a hot balogna sandwich for one euro and went to my platform number (7). Train came and I travelled 13 minutes to Kirchzarten, walked for 6 minutes and then had two 90-minute classes with a 25-minute break in between. We talked about email etiquette and emails from their jobs. I took the train back to Freiburg but only to Littenweiler, the first of the 3 possible stops. I then waited for the train to go past before crossing the tracks and walking to the tram which took another 3-4 minutes before it took off, was on it 9 minutes and then got off and went into a drug store and bought shampoo, bath gel, mouthwash and toothpaste and 5 lottery tickets (did I win?) Then I went home, spent less than 10 minutes at home (it was 3.05pm), grabbed 9 photos I’m exhibiting on Saturday and rode my bike to the restaurant where the exhibition is, dropped off the photos to a waitress pulling pillows from outdoor seats that only European and Eskimo people would sit at, then rode my bike another 6-7 minutes to the tree where Chick A+ and I first met. While I waited (I was a few minutes early), I put up my first Modern Earl poster for the Groovement Festival. On the tree.

Chick A+ came and first we made copies at the university, about 70 copies of the 4 small fliers per page kind and the 50 full-page ones. Then we went to Cheers, had two good salads and conversation, then went and flyered the shit out of the university center, small ones and big ones, in probably 10 different lecture rooms including one that held 300 people and basically walked through each row dropping off 4 per row on both sides. Then we went to Jos Fritz to have a coffee because it was so damn cold and Chick A+ wasn’t feeling tops anyway. We had two capuccinos (1.90euro/each) and she was surprised at how simple the decoration was but she warmed to it (thanks, capuccino!). We walked back to my bike and we parted ways at Kaijo Street and she went home and I went home. I washed the dishes, preparing lessons and getting some shit together.

I rode my bike back into the city center and met Martin, the drummer from the Uplifters at the Groovement Festival and we talked about a mixing board and sleeping arrangements for Modern Earl. Then two guys who helped me with the Jos Fritz exhibition in July who are students at ISW came and had me read a 2.5 page concept for sponsoring a multinational art exhibition gathering. I corrected it as best I could. I finished my second beer and left and rode my bike to Chick A+’s. We ate tomato soup I brought over for her while her 3 female roommates were watching the end of Grey’s Anatomy (wedding episode?). Chick A+ and I worked on our “avatars” for our Yahoo profiles (yes, I got a cowboy shirt on mine!), then I rode home and am now listening to Howard Stern from this morning and glad I got through this whole blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be long too. Cheers.


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