Normal Europe

Chick A and Maya met for the first time this weekend and I have to say it went pretty damn well, all things considered. We got a serious buzz on friday night, getting home around 4am, unsure of if we had taken a taxi home or not! And on Saturday, we took it easy the whole afternoon and then Chick A came over at 7pm, we made some dinner, drank mimosas and then a buddy came over and the four of us drank more and then went down to Walfisch to take it to the next level. Chick A and I ended up going to Swamp after that and then were home around 3.30am or so, singing a song with the last lines: It’ll be all right, I’ll be home tonight, I’m coming back home. Those words mean a lot to Chick A and I could totally relate because A) I’m going home soon and B) I love back home and I miss it but I’m still here for now.

Maya said something that made Chick A want to high five her and it was a comment about “Normal Europe”. It was a context thing and you had to be there and it was pretty funny but it struck a nerve with Chick A and she was like yeah, give me a high five because it was how she felt. If you’ve been to England and Western Europe and Eastern Europe, “Normal Europe” can make good sense to you…

Busy week:
Monday: work and then a meeting at the restaurant where my next photo exhibition is on saturday.
Tuesday: work and then some time off during the day to work on a proposal for one of my prospective jobs
Wednesday: work and prep work for the exhibition
Thursday: work all day
Friday: work in the morning and maybe whoop it up a bit Friday night. Chick A is leaving on Friday for 5 days because of a job interview at her dream job in Italy. It’s a great thing for her and the possibilities in her life keeping growing and it’s been great to be a part of it. I know that I am playing second fiddle to her job prospects but that’s okay. We are both serving a purpose in our lives and it’s been a good experience.

All right, Sunday night, no specific plans, could go to O’Kellys but don’t feel like it, could go out to meet some friends but don’t feel like it, could stay in bed and watch tv and don’t feel like it, could write in my journal but don’t feel like it. I could do anything and don’t feel like it. Don’t worry, I’ll do something…


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