The newest recipient of a dream

We all know that life can be ironic, even downright deliciously so but even she has outdone herself this time…

Chick A+ and I had tried to drunkenly buy her plane tickets to California in February on Tuesday night around 1am. We entered all the information, including the credit card and passenger name, pressed enter for “book tickets” and waited. There was an error, it informed us, and then Chick A+ started having second thoughts (some might call it sobering up), saying hey, I don’t even know where I’ll be living then and I complain to my folks about my money problems and here I am trying to buy 480euro plane tickets. I don’t know, I have to think about it.

We discussed it the next night but she said that she had to think about it more and that we could discuss it on Sunday (tomorrow). I was a bit disappointed because I was so excited to let me friends and family get a chance to meet her, especially because she has meant so much to me the past few months but hey, booking a 2 week trip to a foreign country on the other side of the world does require a little bit of thought so I dropped the matter.

Last night after the Ryan Adams concert (more on that in a minute), Maya and I were on the train home with a carload full of drunk English people and I got a message from Chick A+ around 12.30am that said: Do you still want me to come to California? And I of course wrote back yes! So, she wrote me an email this morning and said that that was the right answer because Opodo (the travel website) sent me the tickets. I thought, strange way of saying you just booked tickets but fantastic, great, so happy to hear it. We are on the same flight from Frankfurt to LA which is good. But here’s where it gets good.

We just talked on the phone about an hour ago and I said, you’re so crazy baby, I can’t believe you would just book the tickets like that and she said, I didn’t book the tickets. They ended up in my mailbox yesterday. And I was like, what??? And apparently our little drunken escapade on Tuesday DID work!!! It said that it didn’t but for some reason it did and the girl now has tickets to California the same time I will be there! Unbelievable, man!

The Ryan Adams concert was amazing. He played 27 songs and played for 2.5 hours. We met a nice couple from Essex, a cool dude from Scotland and a strange one from Canada who was playing some gigs in Berlin soon and we wanted to hear more about it but he just bailed and went back to his seat. I was standing in the balcony the whole time, probably has as good a time as any muthafucka there and it kicked ass.

I’m flying back from London to Basel tomorrow afternoon and with any luck Chick A+ and I will be in Walfisch eating dinner at 8pm and drinking champagne by 9.30pm, celebrating us being in California together. Wow…Chick A+ just sent me a song called “Drinking in LA” that I’m listening to and she is writing me a message on skype chat about her interview in copenhagen.

Well, I guess you’re updated now!


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