Drama King

Well, it’s been declared, I’m a drama king! hahaha, mostly stemming from the fact that I feel the need to express my every emotion to the whole world. Hello all 10 of you! But seriously, Chick A may have had a point. I occasionally provoke to get a reaction as well. It’s not something I do consciously or, when I do, I think I know it’s a bit immature but I guess I’m not getting what I want from the other person. It’s been an interesting experience with Chick A, I’ve learned a lot about myself, learned how little I know women (again!) but some really good things have come out of it.

First, I’ve made a new friend. That doesn’t happen soooOOOooo often in life anymore once you’re out of school and kind of fixed in how your life works. I mean, I have a couple of other new friends I’ve made recently as well: Alex, Oli and Carolin but of course this friendship with Chick A is different. We’ve been together physically, as well as the other drunken stupid things I do with my other new friends. Probably the best thing about all of this is that all of my new friends are German. Ok, Chick A is not German and if I said she was, she would hit me and most definitely never sleep with me again! hahaah but her passport says so (even though that’s about the only German thing about her I can think of). Having German friends helps me feel more at home here. I wasn’t sure what was going on in my life (I’m still not sure, actually) after Assiyeah broke up with me and what was next for me in life but I see now that my life just continues as it was, just without her. I’ve been having a great time the past few months, not every moment great and also some very low moments but in general the past 3 months have been a time that I won’t ever forget.

Second, I’ve become close to a new woman. It’s been a couple of months now but I had some serious concerns (don’t we all at time of heartbreak) of how long it would take before I could attract another woman into my life. Now, Chick A and I are more friends than anything but I would be lying to ya’ll if I said that we weren’t close. She and I talk about things I don’t talk to other people about so much, we’ve done things I don’t do with other people (currently) and even though we are sort of on different paths in life, our paths have most definitely criss-crossed since late July (criss-cross will make ya jump jump!).

Third, the past 3 months have had the possibility to be one of depression, unhappiness, uncertainty but they haven’t. Yes, there have been moments with those attributes but they have been far and few between and Chick A is the one person on earth (besides me) who has helped bridge my life over those feelings. She cares about me as a person. I can’t really ask for anything more from a human being.

So, the drama king is sitting at home at 10.32am, taught one class this morning (while tired as fuck!), picked up the photos I need for my two next exhibitions (November 30 and December 8) and am listening to Howard Stern online, in my pajamas and I can hang out here the next hours, until around 4pm. Then I’m heading into the city to have an espresso maybe with Chick A, pick up part of her birthday present, meet Lennart and Martin to talk about the Groovement Festival flyer and then teach a class from 6-7:30pm. Perhaps, but I don’t know, Ms. Chick A is coming over to watch some more My Name is Earl and chill out. Chillin out is good…


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