Back from Holland

It was a great trip, got to see some new and old friends and I got pretty much everything I wanted out of the trip but it also feels good to be back. Of course I have to work today but that’s kind of how the world works, right?

Chick A came over last night around 10.30pm and it was the first time we had seen each other in nearly a month. I was really excited to see her, had some champagne chilling and was so happy to see her come up the stairs to my place. She was wearing a new gray sweater and blue jeans I’d never seen before but she said they weren’t new.

We talked about the past month a bit, about her job interviews in Copenhagen and Italy, ya know, normal shit like that but somehow it felt a bit different and that came out more as the evening went on. She just wants to be friends. I couldn’t believe it, especially after the email she had sent on thursday and our chat on the same day, I thought that somehow we were on the same page again about what we wanted. But I was wrong. She said she just wasn’t attracted to me, among other things. Her biggest concern is that we won’t be friends if there isn’t some physical aspect to our relationship. She doesn’t have much to worry about but it got me thinking. I like hanging out with her, I like spending time with her but I’m also hot for her and that’s definitely a part of it. It’s going to be interesting how it all manifests. Who knows, she’s just gonna be living her for some months anyway but I thought, maybe, just maybe, we might find some common ground where we could sort of be together without major complications from either side. Now we’re not together and there seems like there are complications anyway! hahaha, c’est la vie.

That was my wake-up call. I”m going to be home in less than 6 weeks. My mom said she has lost 12 pounds (about 5kilos) and that was an inspiration for me. Chick A said she had lost 5 pounds. I’m going jogging now. I need to get fit and in shape in order to wrangle Chick C or D into my life. Remember Chick B? Hahaha, I barely do either! šŸ™‚ I’ll let ya know what happens.


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