My Alkmaar hurts!

I went on a 24-kilometer bike ride yesterday, probably one of the longest of my entire life and my arse hurts! Alkmaar is the name of the town I’m in right now, staying in an old farm house with a Hospitalityclub member. We have had a great time, this is the second person I have ever couchsurfed with a second time. Assiyeah and I stayed with her (Roelie) last summer in Utrecht and now she is living in an anti-squat about 10 minute bike ride from the city of Alkmaar, Holland’s 12th-largest city with about 95,000.

We rode the bikes to the beach, had some fish and chips, road through a desolate dune area and some of the most fertile-looking farmland with cows and sheep that I have ever seen.

Dinner the past two nights:
1)chicken with eggplant, onion, garlic, and potatoes
2)pork with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut

Good stuff! We got pretty drunk two nights ago and were still up and dancing around 4am and after the bike ride yesterday, I was falling asleep sometime after midnight even though my host wanted to go out again. Sorry, Roelie, I’m an old man, couldn’t do it! hahaha so I got a pretty good night sleep and am heading to Amsterdam for the 6th time in my life and there I’ll be meeting up with Maya for the weekend.

I’ll be seeing Chick A+ on Sunday night and I am very happy ’bout that, we haven’t seen each other in nearly a month and she has lots of new and exciting things going on in her life, namely 4 job interviews (3 in Italy and 1 in Copenhagen) in the next weeks, things are looking up for her and I’m happy for her. With any luck, we’ll be drinking champagne and laughing around 9pm on Sunday but until then, I have the fun of Amsterdam approaching baby!


One Response to My Alkmaar hurts!

  1. J says:

    Only 24 km? Wimp 🙂

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