A Day in My Life

November 28, 2007

I woke up at 6.59am, didn’t want to but got up, brushed my teeth, ate a banana while checking emails, got dressed up for the excursion outside, freezing as I left at 7.34am. Took a tram 4 stops, transferred and went one more stop, walked another 4 minutes to my first class. It’s often difficult to get in right away because no one is manning that door so early (7.51am) but today someone was propping the door open for themselves. I made some photocopies for the class, made photocopies for another class, took some light blue and light yellow and recycled colored paper and then went and taught a class on email etiquette, ended class 15 minutes early like every week because I have another course at 9.30am down the street. I made photocopies, got a coffee and sat in the small conference room waiting for whatever lawyers were gonna show up. Today I got 3 of the 5 (remember the 6th, Christian Wolf, the student of mine who died last month) and we spent 30 minutes talking about a case where a German manufacturer of large “meat machines” that do sausage and mince meat, etc was going to sue a Polish manufacturer for basically ripping off their design. I ended that class 15 minutes early because of another job in another town but I gave them this lesson for free because I need to end my class early for a few weeks.

I took at tram at 10.18pm and was at the train station for a 10.40am train. I bought a hot balogna sandwich for one euro and went to my platform number (7). Train came and I travelled 13 minutes to Kirchzarten, walked for 6 minutes and then had two 90-minute classes with a 25-minute break in between. We talked about email etiquette and emails from their jobs. I took the train back to Freiburg but only to Littenweiler, the first of the 3 possible stops. I then waited for the train to go past before crossing the tracks and walking to the tram which took another 3-4 minutes before it took off, was on it 9 minutes and then got off and went into a drug store and bought shampoo, bath gel, mouthwash and toothpaste and 5 lottery tickets (did I win?) Then I went home, spent less than 10 minutes at home (it was 3.05pm), grabbed 9 photos I’m exhibiting on Saturday and rode my bike to the restaurant where the exhibition is, dropped off the photos to a waitress pulling pillows from outdoor seats that only European and Eskimo people would sit at, then rode my bike another 6-7 minutes to the tree where Chick A+ and I first met. While I waited (I was a few minutes early), I put up my first Modern Earl poster for the Groovement Festival. On the tree.

Chick A+ came and first we made copies at the university, about 70 copies of the 4 small fliers per page kind and the 50 full-page ones. Then we went to Cheers, had two good salads and conversation, then went and flyered the shit out of the university center, small ones and big ones, in probably 10 different lecture rooms including one that held 300 people and basically walked through each row dropping off 4 per row on both sides. Then we went to Jos Fritz to have a coffee because it was so damn cold and Chick A+ wasn’t feeling tops anyway. We had two capuccinos (1.90euro/each) and she was surprised at how simple the decoration was but she warmed to it (thanks, capuccino!). We walked back to my bike and we parted ways at Kaijo Street and she went home and I went home. I washed the dishes, preparing lessons and getting some shit together.

I rode my bike back into the city center and met Martin, the drummer from the Uplifters at the Groovement Festival and we talked about a mixing board and sleeping arrangements for Modern Earl. Then two guys who helped me with the Jos Fritz exhibition in July who are students at ISW came and had me read a 2.5 page concept for sponsoring a multinational art exhibition gathering. I corrected it as best I could. I finished my second beer and left and rode my bike to Chick A+’s. We ate tomato soup I brought over for her while her 3 female roommates were watching the end of Grey’s Anatomy (wedding episode?). Chick A+ and I worked on our “avatars” for our Yahoo profiles (yes, I got a cowboy shirt on mine!), then I rode home and am now listening to Howard Stern from this morning and glad I got through this whole blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be long too. Cheers.


Pizza and stuff

November 26, 2007

I had a long, crappy day. I walked out of a class I was teaching which has never happened before. I was only gone for 30-45 seconds but I was fucking pissed. Student apathy, that’s why I’m quitting that job.

I had a meeting about my exhibition on Saturday and the chick was 30 minutes late for a 5-minute meeting.

I went to Chick A’s for pizza tonight and she did a great job of listening to my whine and bitch and cry about my life. I’m normally really good and dealing with life. The thing is, I don’t take life seriously, I take living seriously, but not life itself and sometimes, especially as I get older it makes me take it seriously and I don’t like it. I got all of this potentially bad/unpleasant shit going on in my life and I went over to her house and sat on the ground in the kitchen and just bitched while she prepared pizzas. I will never be able to tell her how much she’s meant to me and I know sometimes our friendship is a bit fucked up but that’s mostly my fault because I’m a bit fucked up right now but I really care about her. I can’t imagine how anyone else in my life could have been there for me like she has. She’s got all of these good things going on in her life and so maybe she has some extra good energy to deal with me, who knows, but I really appreciate it. No one will ever know the whole story and that’s probably for the best but the world should know that that chick has made what could have been some of the very worst months of my entire life into a pretty damn good time. I hope she knows that.

I’m fucking tired. I’ve been cursing too much lately. I have to work at 8am. I’m worried no one will come to the Groovement Festival and that any day a letter is coming from the Social Security asking for all of my money. I feel lonely sometimes and it’s been manifesting itself poorly at times. I’m gonna be okay, I know, but I ain’t there yet. Cheers…

Normal Europe

November 25, 2007

Chick A and Maya met for the first time this weekend and I have to say it went pretty damn well, all things considered. We got a serious buzz on friday night, getting home around 4am, unsure of if we had taken a taxi home or not! And on Saturday, we took it easy the whole afternoon and then Chick A came over at 7pm, we made some dinner, drank mimosas and then a buddy came over and the four of us drank more and then went down to Walfisch to take it to the next level. Chick A and I ended up going to Swamp after that and then were home around 3.30am or so, singing a song with the last lines: It’ll be all right, I’ll be home tonight, I’m coming back home. Those words mean a lot to Chick A and I could totally relate because A) I’m going home soon and B) I love back home and I miss it but I’m still here for now.

Maya said something that made Chick A want to high five her and it was a comment about “Normal Europe”. It was a context thing and you had to be there and it was pretty funny but it struck a nerve with Chick A and she was like yeah, give me a high five because it was how she felt. If you’ve been to England and Western Europe and Eastern Europe, “Normal Europe” can make good sense to you…

Busy week:
Monday: work and then a meeting at the restaurant where my next photo exhibition is on saturday.
Tuesday: work and then some time off during the day to work on a proposal for one of my prospective jobs
Wednesday: work and prep work for the exhibition
Thursday: work all day
Friday: work in the morning and maybe whoop it up a bit Friday night. Chick A is leaving on Friday for 5 days because of a job interview at her dream job in Italy. It’s a great thing for her and the possibilities in her life keeping growing and it’s been great to be a part of it. I know that I am playing second fiddle to her job prospects but that’s okay. We are both serving a purpose in our lives and it’s been a good experience.

All right, Sunday night, no specific plans, could go to O’Kellys but don’t feel like it, could go out to meet some friends but don’t feel like it, could stay in bed and watch tv and don’t feel like it, could write in my journal but don’t feel like it. I could do anything and don’t feel like it. Don’t worry, I’ll do something…

three times six

November 22, 2007

the last 3 nights I’ve gotten six hours or less of sleep each night and that ain’t enough. I did have a good performance at the Slam Supreme, a poem about the foreign authorities and also a short story about 100 days of my life. I’ve been hanging with Chick A the past nights and we are getting to know each other better and better each day though both of us are leery of it getting too close because she’s moving away soon, I just got out of a relationship and other reasons but for the most part, we have a great time together and I also know I’ll have fun when she’s around.

I’m freakin’ exhausted, I have one more class to teach and then I plan to chill out and watch a movie but for now, I thought I’d give thanks for a few things:

1)My mom’s healthy, it appears the cancer is gone for now, that little bastard and I’m so happy she’s healthy
2)I have work, friends and enough money to take my date out a few times a week
3)I’m going to california in a month
4)I have my first music gig (not playing but organizing) in more than 15 years.

There’s more but I’m too tired, I just didn’t want ya’ll to think I was dead!

The newest recipient of a dream

November 17, 2007

We all know that life can be ironic, even downright deliciously so but even she has outdone herself this time…

Chick A+ and I had tried to drunkenly buy her plane tickets to California in February on Tuesday night around 1am. We entered all the information, including the credit card and passenger name, pressed enter for “book tickets” and waited. There was an error, it informed us, and then Chick A+ started having second thoughts (some might call it sobering up), saying hey, I don’t even know where I’ll be living then and I complain to my folks about my money problems and here I am trying to buy 480euro plane tickets. I don’t know, I have to think about it.

We discussed it the next night but she said that she had to think about it more and that we could discuss it on Sunday (tomorrow). I was a bit disappointed because I was so excited to let me friends and family get a chance to meet her, especially because she has meant so much to me the past few months but hey, booking a 2 week trip to a foreign country on the other side of the world does require a little bit of thought so I dropped the matter.

Last night after the Ryan Adams concert (more on that in a minute), Maya and I were on the train home with a carload full of drunk English people and I got a message from Chick A+ around 12.30am that said: Do you still want me to come to California? And I of course wrote back yes! So, she wrote me an email this morning and said that that was the right answer because Opodo (the travel website) sent me the tickets. I thought, strange way of saying you just booked tickets but fantastic, great, so happy to hear it. We are on the same flight from Frankfurt to LA which is good. But here’s where it gets good.

We just talked on the phone about an hour ago and I said, you’re so crazy baby, I can’t believe you would just book the tickets like that and she said, I didn’t book the tickets. They ended up in my mailbox yesterday. And I was like, what??? And apparently our little drunken escapade on Tuesday DID work!!! It said that it didn’t but for some reason it did and the girl now has tickets to California the same time I will be there! Unbelievable, man!

The Ryan Adams concert was amazing. He played 27 songs and played for 2.5 hours. We met a nice couple from Essex, a cool dude from Scotland and a strange one from Canada who was playing some gigs in Berlin soon and we wanted to hear more about it but he just bailed and went back to his seat. I was standing in the balcony the whole time, probably has as good a time as any muthafucka there and it kicked ass.

I’m flying back from London to Basel tomorrow afternoon and with any luck Chick A+ and I will be in Walfisch eating dinner at 8pm and drinking champagne by 9.30pm, celebrating us being in California together. Wow…Chick A+ just sent me a song called “Drinking in LA” that I’m listening to and she is writing me a message on skype chat about her interview in copenhagen.

Well, I guess you’re updated now!

2 hours and 3 minutes

November 15, 2007

in two hours and three minutes my bus will leave from the train station and take me to Basel airport. I’m off to London for the next 3 nights, I can’t wait! It’s great because I don’t have to do much in terms of tourism because I’ve already been to London numerous times and so I just wanna see the Ryan Adams concert and the rest of the time just chill out and hang with my friends.

I had my 3 university classes today and they went pretty well. My date last night with Chick A+ was great, actually most of this week has been great, every day we seem to understand each other a little better and we get closer. It’s crazy because I think some of our friends would be surprised to see how close we’ve become in the past couple of months. I told her last night that it’s not like we are filling holes in our lives as it is more than we have created new space in our lives. There is no other chick right now that I’d rather go to Walfisch and eat, have some drinks and then come back and hang at my place.

We got drunk on Tuesday night together at Cheers and had a blast. It’s like a little bubble that others can’t really penetrate. She’s in Copenhagen now (I think) and tomorrow is her job interview. Good luck, girl! And see ya’ll soon!

Copenhagen and London

November 14, 2007

hey ya’ll,

We’re getting some snow baby! Thank god I’m inside chilling. Got a date with Chick A+ tonight and we are two of the coolest little jetsetters on earth. She’s off to Copenhagen for a job interview tomorrow and I’m off to London to visit Maya, Arianna and of course to see Ryan Adams in concert on Friday night.

I had a job interview today for a place called something like “Center for Final Qualification”. It would be business English, a bit of work on the front end but it could be worth it, especially because it’s in the middle of the city and can be at normal times, like 4pm or 6pm. I don’t want to work later than 7.30pm if I can help it anymore, it’s so nice being finished at a humane hour. I would normally have to be going to Emmendingen tonight in a bit and have to work from 6-9pm. God, thank you for giving me enough to let me quit that.

Chick A+ just might buy plane tickets to California for February tonight. I want her to come so bad, I want to show her Laguna Beach, San Diego, LA, Irvine Spectrum, my parents’ house, she can meet my friends and drink at Boscoe’s and we can do karaoke and drink dollar beers and eat dollar tacos with beautiful weather in February. I’ll show her the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Skewers Restaurant in West Hollywood. She has meant so much to me the past few months that I desperately want my friends and family to meet this girl who has entered my life at one of the most crucial junctures I’ve encountered. She can meet Nate and Amy, Zach, see Mooney again and drink beer on the beach with him, practice a bit of spanish if she wants when we order some burritos in san diego, and take her to Malibu, and the 3rd Street Promenade. There is so much to show the girl, it’d be great. I’ll keep ya updated folks!