The university has started for me and it went pretty well. It’s always a little difficult to stand in front of 20 somewhat well-educated people and convince them that I am more than qualified to help them further their education but I did fine. I have one more class today, the one with the international flair and then it’s my weekend.

I hope to talk to Chick A+ this evening, we haven’t spoken on the phone for a few days but that’s because we’re trying to have less contact so that we can treat our relationship more as a friendship, especially while she is away in Italy. I completely understand her feelings and am glad that she said that. Neither one of us wants to have a relationship right now and I don’t want to blow it with her just because I’m calling her too much while she’s in Italy. We have still had some text message contact, however. I am shocked, the poor girl still hasn’t gotten her damn invitation for her job interview for her dream job in Italy at that government agency. I can’t believe how those dumbshits are dragging their feet, they’re starting to piss me off. The girl cannot concentrate on her life, at least the small part that includes me, while this other, more important part of her life is up in the air. Come on, you idiots, give the girl her interview. We all know she’s gonna get the job. She’s smart, confident, she’s good with languages, has already worked there and is getting more training here in Freiburg. They are fools for not already having asked her to have the job, not to mention the fact that she and I were not able to go to France two weekends ago because of this job interview that hasn’t happened yet. GrrrrRRRrrrr

On, secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee on corruption on Iraq and it’s a fascinating spectacle. I know it’s a bit nerdy for many of you but I can’t believe what some of our government officials are doing with our taxpayer money. I am so glad Henry Waxman exists, he is the one main thorn in the side of the Bush Administration and without him, things would not be as exposed as they are. There is so much corruption in Iraq, so much so that it is the 3rd most corrupt nation on earth and billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted there. Get it together, and get on this shit, Waxman, come on buddy!

I’m meeting a friend around 10 tonight to play a little music and have a couple of beers, I need this weekend bad!


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