Sunday sunday

Gregg and I were out until 3am. That’s a little bit more normal for me than it is for him but regardless, we did a good job of having a good time. We also met a young American girl from Penn State here for a semester. It was funny for Gregg and I because she was still extremely fresh off the boat and couldn’t really believe that we had been living there for years. I think Chick A+ can probably relate to that! haha

We were also in Cheers for a long time last night, and I’m glad I go there now, the bartenders know me and they are friendly and that’s a good thing. I like the feeling of going in there, even if people are looking at me, like they did on friday, is that coming into the bar by himself and writing in his journal? Oh, he gave the bartender a handshake, maybe it’s not so strange.

We had some funny conversations last night, Gregg and I, and we occasionally tried to get some German people involved but I think we were in our own little world and they couldn’t really follow us but hey, we had a good time.

Plan today: clean room, do some lesson plans, jam a little music with Alex, probably go to football at O’Kellys for a bit and then home early for a good night’s sleep. It’s going to be a long week and I already have plans to go out on Monday and Tuesday. Oy vey! hahaah

Oh yeah, did I tell you I bought plane tickets to go home in mid-February? It’s pretty sweet, I’m going home for 2 weeks at Xmas and then in mid-Feb I’ll spend two weeks in southern California and then I worked it out so I have 5 days in San Francisco at the end. That is a very good thing. It’s already been more than 2 years since I’ve been there and it’s a city that I truly love and am fascinated by. Maybe I could stay a few days at my mom’s cousin in Oakland, a great guy and an interesting family for sure.



One Response to Sunday sunday

  1. Michael says:

    hey! let me know when it’s a bit closer to february–if i’m still in SF let’s get a drink! -mike

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