work and unwork

I made the most money I have ever made as a teacher yesterday, but only because two classes accidentally came at one time so we had the class simultaneously. I also lost a job yesterday, at least temporarily and while it isn’t a big money earner for me, it’s a shame because that is where I got to teach American History and also met the students who have helped me with my Freiburg exhibitions the past 3 years. Unfortunately not enough students signed up for the school this year. They might need me in January but it’s not the worst thing in the world, it means my Wednesdays will be pretty light and that’s okay because Tuesdays and Thursdays are gonna kick my ass!

Chick A+ is chillin in my bed reading some stuff she has for an oral exam tomorrow. It’s a nice day here in Freiburg and I am super happy because I don’t have to work again until Monday afternoon. I am going to organize my desk today and hang out with Chick A+ as much as possible because she’s going to Italy tomorrow and will be there nearly a month. That sucks but she does have the job interview so I’m happy for her. We have been having some interesting discussions lately and it’s been an experience to learn how another person thinks about things that are important. We don’t always have the same opinion but I think we at least make an effort to understand each other and that’s essential to having a successful connection with someone. We may not always actually understand the emotions or motivations of the other but at least we try to understand.

I mailed off my letter to the German Social Security and will probably hear something in the next weeks. Friday I have a meeting at a nice restaurant that wants to exhibit my photos for the winter and then I have a meeting at the school I don’t technically work for anymore so my boss can show me how the new layout for the semester/trimester system will look and when/if they will need me to teach a block seminar, like maybe 4-6 hours on a Friday to cover a lot of information. Also on Friday I am going to IKEA to buy a sheepskin rug like Assiyeah used to have on a comfortable chair we have, a mirror and a thing to put on the ground so that my swivel chair doesn’t move so much while I’m on it. Friday evening I am planning on meeting Alex and we are finally going to try and get a song together, maybe even try it at an open mic in the next weeks, that would be cool.

All right, back to life…


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