I’m on vacation yet again, baby!

I’m out of control but that is true on so many levels. The past few years I have taken my life to the next level and that is basically live at will. I want to go on holiday, I go. I want to do a photo exhibition, I do it. I want to do a small fashion show, I do it. I want another job, I do it. Now there are other things I could be doing but I love how I’ve been spending my time. Take today for example:

I was up around 8am, earlier than I needed but I was just awake somehow. I checked some emails and news from around the world and then went to work at 9am, teaching the lawyers from 9.30-10.30am. I went to a travel agent and got a new student ID for 2007/2008 even though I’m not a student, went to a company to drop off an invoice worth a whopping 46euros, then to the bank to get some Pounds for my trip to England tomorrow, then to Migros to buy some special chocolate for Chick A+ and then to a store that has a lot of kitschy stuff in it to buy her a rainbow lei to celebrate her finishing her important French presentation she had today. Then I met this Dutch guy Joris at Art Cafe and we had a cup of coffee. He’s the only person in the world I have couchsurfed with two times and it’s cool to see him in my neck of the woods finally. While there we saw Carolin of New York and Mooney fame and then we walked to the Muenster where we walked around, checked out the local scene, seeing an old university student of mine who was just in Costa Rica for a year and then the owner of Jos Fritz where I had my last photo exhibition in Freiburg in July. We met up with Chick A+ at 12.30 and had to wait an eternity to get a sausage at a popular place at the Munster but it was totally worth it. We left Joris there and Chick A+ and I walked back to my place where we stopped off and bought a six-pack of beer and drank two of them in my “new room”, listened to music, just chilled out and then we watched a scene from Caddyshack and then a Friends episode and then she just went home to take a nap and take care of some personal business like sending a resume to a friend about getting a part-time job. Now I have two hours to chill more, finish packing for London and maybe lie down and read for awhile.

I’ll be in London from Wed to Sunday. It will be my 5th or 6th time there and I don’t plan on doing any touristy shit per se, hell I’m not even bringing my camera. I’m mostly going to visit Maya and Arianna, have some beers, speak a lot of English (like I haven’t been lately! hahah) and just have a good time. I have a pretty full work schedule next week and then Chick A+ and I are planning on going across the Rhein river to the Alsace region of France for a night or two. I’m pretty excited about it, to see how we travel together because that’s always an important sign/step to any friendship/something more. But I feel very comfortable around her and love making her laugh and find her opinions about shit often quite fascinating because they are either different from mine or it’s about something that I’ve never thought about before.

I’m going to read more of my book on the Spanish Inquisition on my new bed and relax. What are you doing on Tuesday at 3.51pm?



3 Responses to I’m on vacation yet again, baby!

  1. Howard Brodsly says:

    Enjoy the trip – we have scheduled Vietnam and Cambodia for Jan17-Feb 5

  2. kiev says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like a gay version of Leon Trotsky??


  3. Jason says:

    I was actually a gay cowboy for halloween one year but this year maybe I will go as a gay communist while in Amsterdam, thanks for the idea!

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