A Stay of Execution

hey folks,

A beautiful Monday afternoon to ya’ll, there’s much to tell so here goes…

My date with Chick A+ lasted from Saturday 6pm until Monday at 2am. Of course the last 30 minutes or so of the date I was asleep but I’m sure I was still good company, right? There was some drama, some lovin’, some good food, some drinks, a nice walk, good conversation and straight bonding. It was yet another amazing date with Chick A+. We’ve had about 4-5 of these epic dates where it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist except to entertain us in the form of a bar, or 2-dimensional beings walking past us as we float through our evening.

I was up at 7.55am this morning, exhausted as hell. Your faithful confidant needs a good night sleep tonight and his chances of getting it are quite good because his IKEA shit finally arrived! Yeah!!! I’ve got me a new bed (although it’s a bit loud on bouncing, I hope that disturb the roomies, hahahaha), a swivel chair, a small table, and a small bookshelf. My roommate Lena helped me put together the bed and that was really cool of her. I’m looking forward to sleeping on it tonight and I’ve got a date with Chick A+ tomorrow after her presentation is over and I’m hoping we get a chance to uh, break it in by having a good night sleep on it. 🙂

I went to the Foreign Authorities this morning (Auslaenderbehoerde) to get another 90-day extension to my life here in Deutschland. Needless to say, I was quite disturbed by how many people were already there when I arrived at 8.20am. I ended up waiting for over 3 hours with people from countries all over the world. I think I was the only “white western” person waiting in that hallway. I read my book, wrote a poem and waited patiently. I finally got my turn and got another 90 days to live here. It’s good until the end of the year. What a relief. One less thing to worry about for awhile, hahahaha.

I’ve got the bed put together but still 3 more things to put together so I’m gonna get started but now I can finally begin to start decorating my room so it’s exactly how I want it. What I want. I want I want Iwant. I’ve entered an even more selfish period of my life for the past two months and I’m sure how long it will last but for anyone who knows, I’m already a pretty self-involved, selfish person but it’s been worse lately. I haven’t been hanging with friends lately, just working and hanging with Chick A+. I want to start going jogging again, working on my proposal for the next book which is the blog’s namesake and get my photography together for another exhibition in December at Oma’s Kueche and at the Groovement Festival. I have the two bands signed up for sure and hopefully Alex and I will write a couple of songs and learn some covers so we can perform a bit for the people while the bands are changing equipment.

All right, back to the salt mines, I got a new life to create!


One Response to A Stay of Execution

  1. Michael says:

    hey nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. getting/having what you want is a good thing (well, getting some of it anyway–and basics like a comfy living space is a good start!)

    fulfilling your own needs, i’d say, is crucial before you can really do the same for other people.

    enjoy the new furniture!

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