Poetry slam

October 30, 2007

I did my first poetry slam tonight, a one-minute rap called “Fuck It” and another poem called “My Beautiful Right Shoe”. There were 100 students there or so, I met some new people, people I knew and it was the right thing for me to be there tonight, I made some contacts and tomorrow is just two classes, I guess I’ll get through it somehow and then I have 2 hours to get to the train station to go to Holland.



Maggot/Crowes/Extended in Italy?

October 29, 2007

I think a maggot crawled out of my cereal this morning but I’m not sure. It was suddenly worming his way between my cereal and my coffee and I don’t know exactly where he came from. Suddenly I lost my appetite but I guess you can understand that.

The Black Crowes were broadcast live on the web last night from New Orleans, it was really cool to see. They put on a good, albeit slightly sloppy show but they jammed and sounded great. I love technology when I can watch my favorite band perform live from the comfort of my bed. That was 11.45pm to 1am last night.

I had a great conversation with Chick A+ last night after the Crowes concert, about 1:15 am or so. It’s better we’ve been talking less lately so we have more to talk about when we do talk. However, it was a bit tough because she said she might not be coming back this weekend, that she might stay another weekend to celebrate her birthday. Of course if that is what she wants to do, she should definitely do it and it’s all good but I have been looking forward to seeing her again for nearly 3 weeks and I thought I was down to the last week but it could be even longer now. She did tell me, however, that if she is in Freiburg for her birthday, she wants to celebrate just with me which was a really nice consolation. I offerred to take her to France for her birthday which at least got her thinking about it, ya know? That would be sooo cool, leave Friday around lunch, maybe get to Colmar, visit two villages in the Alsace and spend the night in Ribeauville one night and maybe another night in Riquewihr or even just two nights in the same place would be fun. I have a feeling that Chick A+ and I would have a great time travelling together and I think our “relationship” is much stronger when it is not influenced by the outside world. That’s probably one reason why she hasn’t invited me to come to visit her in Italy, because the intimacy that we have developed might be a little strange for her friends to see when she’s mentioned very little about it. I totally understand, I just wish she was coming back on Sunday. She might but it definitely sounds like she wants to stay there but we’ll see.

I’m still getting over the maggot thing but at least I have 2.5 hours before I get picked up for work, right?

Wednesday off to Amsterdam!


October 28, 2007

There is a certain fatalism to existence, the eventual understanding that death is inevitable. Death nullifes existence and therefore existence is temporary. How a person deals with the acceptance of this temporary-ness is their spirituality. I choose to try and make life as manageable, enjoyable, relaxed, interesting, challenging and rewarding as possible. That comes from a healthy mixture of planning things in the future and living in the moment at the moment, as Aldous Huxley wrote, “Attention, attention boys and girls, attention, here and now, here and now.” I try to put myself in positions to relish in the moment, to know that this moment is something that will talked about at some other time when I need down-time. You cannot always live in the moment, you’ll exhaust yourself. But you can try and recognize the moment when it’s happening and go with it, like being aware in a dream and trying to influence it a bit. The second important part of my spirituality is a representation of my existence, whether it be through photography, writing, event-planning, music, expression.

Another epic holiday has been booked

October 28, 2007

I don’t have all of the flights yet but I used United Miles to get a free flight to Los Angeles from Frankfurt July 25 to Sep 20th. That, my friends, is 8 weeks I have decided I will not be in Freiburg next summer. Hell, that’s the whole summer! I am flying Frankfurt to Chicago to Orange County, and then planning on staying for a week before flying to Central America. I will spend approximately 5-6 weeks in Central America, hopefully booking an open jaw ticket so I don’t have to backtrack, something like flying to Managua, Nicaragua and back from Guatemala or Belize, before flying back to California for another good week or so before going back to Germany.

Can you believe that? In the last week or so, I booked a 3-week trip to California for February/March and then also a two-month trip that will begin and end in California. Now that the flights are booked, that means something else tangential yet very important, namely that I will be in Freiburg until at least February 2009 now. I knew that I would at least be here for this semester and the summer semester leading up to the summer but I could have potentially made a drastic change in my life next summer if I wanted to. But then I thought why, things are going great for me here, I’m becoming a bigger fish in the same size pond. Okay, I’m no shark (hi Chick A+) but nonetheless not a guppie anymore! In order for me to pay for a two-month trip to Central America next summer, I need to know that I will be gainfully employed in October 2008. So that means I will work at least another semester after the summer semester next year. I know this info may not be too surprising but it is at least official now. It also means that I can better fix more holidays for 2008 because I know I will be working here in Freiburg all of next year.

That still leaves open about 10 days for Easter March 20-30th, another week around Pentacost which is May 11th and for sure a long weekend somewhere, maybe with a bunch of friends(?) for my birthday the end of May, like a Thursday to Sunday in Spain or something. Put those things together and that is already potentially 95 days of holiday thought of or booked for 2008. Holy shit baby, I think I need to commemorate the fact that a person making less than 30,000 dollars/year is going to repeatedly have 100+ days of vacation/year. I am so out of my mind, in terms of happiness for holiday booked but also, am I freakin’ crazy? Is that what I want out of my life, living in a cheap apartment with students, not having a car, just so I can travel to far away places and sleep on people’s sofas?

I guess we know the answer to that one, don’t we? That is EXACTLY what I want out of my life right now. I’m 33 years old but still think I’m 25. Is that bad? I don’t think so, especially because I have very few 33-year old type responsibilities (so far, thank god) and I can afford to live like this, especially it makes me happy, makes me think that I’m living a full life and what more can we ask from life?

9 and the boot

October 27, 2007

I had 9 Jaegermeisters after dinner last night. Then later I drank a glass cowboy boot of beer. I was at the end of a concert around 1:30-2am and then went to another bar with like 3 buddies who were suddenly with a bunch of spanish chicks but they were in their own little world (or was it me who was in my own little world? hahaha). I walked to my bike and road it home, arriving a little after 4am.


October 25, 2007

The university has started for me and it went pretty well. It’s always a little difficult to stand in front of 20 somewhat well-educated people and convince them that I am more than qualified to help them further their education but I did fine. I have one more class today, the one with the international flair and then it’s my weekend.

I hope to talk to Chick A+ this evening, we haven’t spoken on the phone for a few days but that’s because we’re trying to have less contact so that we can treat our relationship more as a friendship, especially while she is away in Italy. I completely understand her feelings and am glad that she said that. Neither one of us wants to have a relationship right now and I don’t want to blow it with her just because I’m calling her too much while she’s in Italy. We have still had some text message contact, however. I am shocked, the poor girl still hasn’t gotten her damn invitation for her job interview for her dream job in Italy at that government agency. I can’t believe how those dumbshits are dragging their feet, they’re starting to piss me off. The girl cannot concentrate on her life, at least the small part that includes me, while this other, more important part of her life is up in the air. Come on, you idiots, give the girl her interview. We all know she’s gonna get the job. She’s smart, confident, she’s good with languages, has already worked there and is getting more training here in Freiburg. They are fools for not already having asked her to have the job, not to mention the fact that she and I were not able to go to France two weekends ago because of this job interview that hasn’t happened yet. GrrrrRRRrrrr

On www.cspan.org, secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee on corruption on Iraq and it’s a fascinating spectacle. I know it’s a bit nerdy for many of you but I can’t believe what some of our government officials are doing with our taxpayer money. I am so glad Henry Waxman exists, he is the one main thorn in the side of the Bush Administration and without him, things would not be as exposed as they are. There is so much corruption in Iraq, so much so that it is the 3rd most corrupt nation on earth and billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted there. Get it together, and get on this shit, Waxman, come on buddy!

I’m meeting a friend around 10 tonight to play a little music and have a couple of beers, I need this weekend bad!

Dr. Christian Wolf

October 24, 2007

I learned this morning that one of my favorite students died last week. He was mountain biking by himself and had a heart attack. He had been a student of mine for at least 2 years, was always friendly and nice to me, interested in learning English and all this while being one of the best and most expensive lawyers in town. I already miss him, and I just wanted the outside world to know that we lost a good person recently and I hope the best for his family.

RIP Christian Wolf