The partial identity of Chick A!

Happy Friday folks, although technically it is Thursday for me because I have to work tomorrow, one of the 3 Saturdays a year I have to work. Don’t feel bad for me, I have a date with a super cute chick tomorrow. You know her as Chick A. Last night she came over at 11.30pm and we drank a bottle of Spanish champagne and listened to sad drinking music which was beautiful (Lucero’s “Tennessee” if you’re curious) and we talked about real shit, like “dreams” (masked as desires and direction) and the future and the present and the past and feeling like there was no world except for the two candles, the butterfly lights, the Nag Champa incense, Spanish champagne and us. That lasted a couple of hours. Then we ate a pizza at 2am in bed, laughing and the stringy cheese made holy from the candlelight. Didn’t sleep enough, got up at 7.20, a rough time to be sure. We had some coffee and went into town together, this time NOT getting noticed by 3 different people who go to the school where she goes and I work. Steal a last minute kiss in the cold and she goes home and me to work.

We had a sausage at lunch today and had some cuddle time (still had the tie and “nice clothes” on) on my break. We need each other right now but not necessarily for the same exact reasons but it doesn’t matter (for now) because we have a really good time when we’re together. It’s hard to think past that, ya know?

I just saw my buddy Petschko, haven’t hung with him in awhile, he was in the hospital and is doing better, it’s funny but it reminded me that I do actually have some friends here. It’s not like I forgot it but I have just trying to live my life that makes me as happiest as I can be right now, aka maybe I’m not being such a good friend right now but I think they’ll get over it and/or forgive me.

Right now my two roommates are laughing as wildly as I have ever heard them laugh and had to stop typing briefly to ask them what the commotion was about. It turns out one roommate who works at a dentist had a patient today named Frau Wursthorn, (wurst meaning sausage) which could conjure humorous images of what her name means. That’s right kids, the penis. That’s what they were laughing about, classic!

I am hoping to work on writing a song with Alex tonight. He’ll be over around 9-10pm and I’ll have for a couple of hours but I need a good night sleep because tomorrow is going to be a big day, work from 10-1:30pm, then 2-3:30pm and then Chick A is coming over around 6 I would guess.

I like my new life.
p.s. If Chick A is out there, let me know if I can post that picture of you with the beer covering your face to give the partial identity of you!


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