I know, I know
Should have asked you first
But I’ve been trying and lying
Gotta quench that thirst

And sleep at night
Without waking up
Been drinking and thinking
‘Bout your curvy cup

‘Cause I get so thirsty
when the sun goesdown
The dripping from your faucet
Is my oasis sound

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up
Will you be there?
It’s not like I care
My pride is who knows where
But damn I get so thirsty sometimes

You can see that look in my eye
You’re so damn smart
You never ask why

I know, I know
You got other things goin’ on
You been gliding and biding
Shh, close your eyes until dawn

And stretch like a cat
Without disturbing me
Been dreaming and scheming
How to get you in my bed daily

‘Cause I get so thirsty
When the sun comes up
And you know that and
You know what’s up

I can see that look in your eye
I’m so damn smart
I never ask why

Why would I ask
What I don’t wanna know
Questions make problems
When you don’t wanna answer, so…

It’s today that counts
And he’s so far away
You’re not on the same page
And you don’t know what to say

‘Cause I get so thirsty
When the sun is high overhead
Been walking and talking
Thinking ’bout what you said

We can see the look in our eyes
We’re so damn smart
We never ask why


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