Espresso Drinking

Drinking an espresso
As the bells get ready to ring
It could be a smile or a coo
And we’re ready to sing
Sing ’bout times we haven’t had
Even though some will be bad
‘Cause the good is the thing
Why we’re soaring on a wing
of tomorrow’s unimportant regret

If today were tomorrow
The things we’d already know
I’m glad I don’t
In case we won’t
Get along like we are now
Your flower blooms
The lovin’ it assumes
Makes my sun shine
Do you know why we’re here?
Me either
Ain’t it great?
It’s not too late
To do what we want

I remember when it all started
Don’t know when it’s gonna end
I gotta tell my friend
You don’t care if tis gets sorted
And it ain’t no thang
I liked how you sang
When the clothes fell off
Like handles
Pots & pans
You got ’em both
And the clanging
And banging
And the sounds
When you’re frying
Crackle in my mind
Give me some time
Before I cook another dish
No, no, don’t go
Let’s drink another espresso


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