What’s up

Mooney is gone, having had what I assume was an epic time. I’m feeling better but completely exhausted because I slept badly last night. Chick A came back to my place after the exhibition and I have to say, it was so great to have her as my date at an official event that I was a part of. But my bed is too freakin small and I probably got 2-3 hours sleep out of the 6 that were possible. I had oral exams today from 9-3:30pm. We failed the first 3 of 8 people we had. I spent an hour over at Chick A’s place this afternoon, just sort of lying in bed and talking and cuddling. Last night we said some really nice things to each other and it’s clear that we are more than just “friends with benefits” but perhaps you might even call it dating but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. I know my buddies back home were adamant about not getting involved with someone else too quickly and to enjoy my singlehood but I also know that the people who gave me that advice have been single forever! hahahah I think the more women I see, the more I like Chick A. There is definite potential there but right now it’s fun and exciting and we should try and keep having a good time. We’ve got plans for Saturday night dinner (hopefully she can stay over but she’s got her own studying to do), Tuesday night after her presentation (should be a good night because it’s a national holiday the next day and I’m flying to London for 4-5 days and I should have my new IKEA bed by then!), and we have made plans to go away for a night after her last exam. I talked her into going across the Rhein river into Alsace region of France for a night of passion and wine or well, whatever comes our way, I suppose! We also talked about me coming to visit for a weekend at the end of October, visit meaning back in Italy where she lives, leaving late on a Thursday night, maybe getting there around midnight and coming back on Sunday. It sounds like a beautiful area and I can’t wait to see her part of the world. Each time we see each other we get a little bit closer which I think is fantastic…

I got a private lesson coming over in 5 minutes and I’m going to use that money for our date this weekend and on Tuesday. I had a meeting with my friend Ralf about my social security problem and he thinks we have a chance to get me a partial waiver based on how much my income is but that’s getting ahead of ourselves because I have to go to the foreign authorities on Monday to try and get another 90 days while all of this is playing out.

Well, that’s what is up in my neck of the woods…and yoU?


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