24-hour date

I had a 24-hour date this weekend, absolutely incredible. I picked up Chick A at 6:30pm with my buddy Mooney and then we went to Cafe Journal to pick up a friend, Carolin. We all had a drink (3 champagnes and a beer) and then went to Carolin’s apartment in the heart of the town where she made us cuba libres and we looked at some of Mooney’s Spain pictures. After drinking those, we went to Cheers where they were having an Oktoberfest special. Two of us ordered pork leg deep friend with potato salad and two of us ordered salads. Great atmosphere, great company, the beginning of a great date.

We all then went to Tacheles where we had another round and then tried some beer with chili or lemon or coke or orange in it, some special they had (which no man should drink but hey, the girls wanted to try it). After that Chick A and I made it back to my place where we hung out until about 4am which also included some real conversation between 2-4am.

Woke up around 10 and went to the supermarket to buy some tzatziki, bread rolls, pepercinis, and some lunch meat. I got a little spread together, brewed some coffee and got it all set up on the roof on what turned out to be one of the nicest breakfasts of my life. Perfect weather, great “together time” with someone I like hanging out with, and then we laid down and Chick A said it felt like vacation and she was so right.

We were in bed most of the afternoon and it was great, watching some Friends, have dozing, cuddling, conversing, eating ice cream, et cetera.

We walked into the city around 6:30pm where I dropped her off at home and then went and got Mooney and brought him to O’Kellys tonight. He’s still there drinking but I was too exhausted and sort of not feeling too well (sore throat?) so hoping a good night’s sleep and dreams of Chick A will soothe my soul…


One Response to 24-hour date

  1. Leharik says:

    Single life ain`t so bad indeed! ;)))
    I should go and find my CHICK A!!!

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