Yes, I’m happy

What a great date last night! Practically perfect, all things considered. Chick A just left 10 minutes ago and I can just think, thank you god for allowing this girl to come into my life. It’s really fun hanging out with her, here’s just a bit of what happened…

Chick A came over at 6pm with 2 bottles of champagne and 5 seasons of Sex and the City. She had said that getting her drunk would increase my chances of getting some action but the Sex and the City had me a bit worried.

We cooked a great dinner of couscous with ground beef, zuchini, carrots, peppers in a sweet, fruity spicy sauce. Drank mimosas and sat by candlelight for a few hours asking each other questions from “4,000 Questions for getting to know anyone and everyone”, a great book for making conversation.

I suggested we adjourn to my room for a bit of cuddling after awhile, I’m slowly falling asleep around 12:30am or so and she says, are you getting tired and I said, you want to get another drink and she said yeah. So we went down to the punk bar and had a couple of beers and a jaegermeister, just having a great time and totally relaxed. I’m telling you, I could not have met a better girl at this point in my life. We’re back in my room at 2:30 now and around 4am we watch a Sex and the City as I slowly fall asleep.

We woke up around 10:30, I went and got breakfast of sausage, bread rolls, tzatziki, orange juice and I wake her up for breakfast and then we lie in bed another hour sort of half asleep, half cuddling, cooing (from her) and then we eat some ice cream and watch 2 episodes of The Simple Life and then she just left now at 3pm.

I’m fucking exhausted but muy happy today! Spain is 5 days away!!!

p.s. Chick A, you know damn well how great last night was, mille grazie! Bis Mittwoch!


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