Sunday evening

Man, what a weekend. It had mostly all ups and some of those ups were through the roof. It’s funny, it’s 8.33pm right now and I’m ready for bed but of course it’s too early for that. I could only stomach one small beer and wasn’t in the mood for the pub even though it was the first week of the NFL season.

My room’s a mess, I didn’t get anything done this weekend that I wanted but that’s okay. I had one of the best nights of my life last night and that’s kind of all that really matters. It’s so great when you can take the wide expanse of life and break it down to that. It keeps one sane because it’s so easy sometimes to look at life and try and juggle all of its images and emotions and fears and desires through a moving prism and get blinded by the sparkling. If you can put the prism down, fix your position and take another look, you often get to see the soul of the beast and in this case, the soul of the beast last night was like the day you realize that Spring has finally arrived and you can warm your cold bones with someone who is already smiling before they even fix their gaze on you. It was that great last night.

It makes work tomorrow and my Rentenversicherung and Auslaenderbehoerde problems and all of the other crap in my life not seem so bad. I know, to many people my life doesn’t have a lot of crap in it but you also know that every life has crap in it. It’s true, mine is minimized but still, to put all of that into perspective for what it is, crap, and feel like today is perfect even with all the crap, that’s how last night feels today…Oh sure, the crap is waiting for me but with any luck I can create new memories to marginalize the crap another day.


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