Rainy Monday

It’s cool and gray and rainy, perfect weather to be told by Chick A that being friends is best for now! hahah

It’s all good, actually, it was already a little complicated for me, what with having to not necessarily lie to a friend that I was hanging with “his” girl but to not say anything about it, I just wasn’t into deception as a part of my love life so soon after having been deceived in my last relationship the last couple of months but I most definitely wasn’t thinking totally clearly because all I could think is she is fun to hang out with and she’s sexy as hell, what more does one need from a “friend”?

She’s got a big job opportunity coming up in a couple of weeks and that is by far the most important thing to her right now. The most important thing to me right now is, well, I don’t know. I guess it’s waiting for goddamn IKEA/Deutsche Post to deliver my new furniture so I can finish the transformation of the room into my hangout nest. It’s on its way and I’m looking forward how it’s all going to turn out and I’ll be sure to keep you abreast (I would give two breasts if I could!).

She was concerned that I didn’t want to be her friend if I couldn’t see her naked as well. That’s a laugh, right? How the fuck is one supposed to respond to that? Our entire relationship has had a layer of deception to it. I blame no one for that, we are both consenting adults and we both most definitely consented at some point! 🙂 Seriously though, I’ve never met a girl like her, for better or worse, and I definitely want to see how her life turns out. She wants to be friends, I want to be friends but I also want(ed) something a little more but probably for my own selfish reasons. Our lunch today was a bit awkward but only because I felt like she had to know exactly how I felt about things so my friendship could be real. I didn’t want to have any more deception. Remember, this deception I am referring to had nothing to do with her and me per se but rather with my friend and the person she is dating. I also think we have enough to talk about (though it won’t impress her), what with us both not being “German” and having had plenty of experiences in our lives and blah blah blah. I just didn’t want to act like it was no absolutely no problem (even though it isn’t, part of me strangely enough isn’t ready somehow for a sexual relationship; no, that’s not quite it, it’s just gonna be a little difficult to give some of the “Relationship” aspects in a more physical or a more friendly relationship but that’s my own deal and has nothing to do with her). It isn’t a problem but I just got out a relationship where not enough important shit was said so there was no way in hell I was going through that shit again. Anyway…

I had a new class today, a 2-week intensive class that is “conversation” more or less. There are 5 nationalities in the room, 6 if you include me but who wants to do that? German, Chinese, Iranian, Japanese and Krygystan, I love these classes because they end up being like the UN of language classes. And what I like is that they are motivated to talk. At times I have to do very little in order to “work”, just give them something to talk about and provide an atmosphere where they can talk. That’s the part of my job that I like.

I also found out that Studentenwerk is available to me for classes this semester which means another big chunk of my schedule into place, that’s huge. It’s not my favorite work and it’s earlier than I’d like to work but it’s in the middle of town and the people are easy and money isn’t too bad so I just shut up and say thanks!

All right, I gotta do a workout now, pay some taxes and other crap that is uninteresting to you but important to me. Such is life, right? And Chick A, don’t worry, I still wanna be your friend but I also look forward to getting you naked again! hahahah


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